Yacht captain

Obtain the title of Captain of Yacht
Salwiz offers you a selection of nautical schools to get you the Yacht Captain course . Check the dates and reserve your place.
  • How to be a Yacht Captain?

    The title of Captain of the Yacht is the highest rank in recreational boating. To obtain it, it is necessary to be in possession of other lower degrees, pass an official exam and perform regulatory navigation practices certified by a certified nautical school.
  • What is the title of Captain of the Yacht?

    With the title of Captain of the Yacht you can govern all types of pleasure boats without limitation of length. You can also navigate without limit of maximum distance to the coast and do day and night navigation. In addition, you can govern any type of jet ski.
  • What does it take to be a Yacht Captain?

    To obtain the title of Captain of the Yacht it is necessary to meet several requirements.
    18 years old

    - Be in possession of the title of Yacht Skipper.
    - Pass the Yacht Captain theory test, which is a 40-question test.
    - Once the exam is approved, the safety and regulatory navigation practices must be carried out, with a minimum duration of 48 hours, of which a minimum of 36 will be in a cruise regime.
  • What is the content of the Captain Yacht course?
    The Yacht Captain course syllabus includes the following topics.

    1. Navigation theory.

    - Celestial sphere.
    - Celestial coordinates of the stars.
    - Time coordinates.
    - Movement of some stars. Study of the apparent movement of the sun. Ecliptic. Zodiac.
    - Equatorial uranographic coordinates. Declination and straight ascension. Sidereal angle.
    - Relationship between the different coordinates measured in the equator.
    - Orbit
    - Position triangle.
    - Apparent movement of the stars.
    - The Moon: phases of the Moon.
    - The stars.
    - Universal time.
    - Nautical almanac.
    - Calculation of the passing time.
    - Calculation of sunrise and sunset times with the almanac.
    - Sextant.
    - Correction of the observed heights.
    - Calculation of the coordinates in the position triangle.
    - Recognition of stars.
    - Projections.
    - Straight height.
    - Situation by straight lines.
    - Loxodromic defeat.
    - Orthodromic defeat.
    - Kinematics
    - Reach a ship.
    - Terrestrial magnetism.
    - Deviation of the magnetic needle.
    - Gyroscopic needles.
    - The radar.
    - Navigation with positioner: GPS.
    - Nautical publications:

    2. Meteorology.

    The atmosphere, temperature pressure, humidity, clouds, rainfall, stormy forms, winds, air masses, storms and anticyclones, tropical cyclones, charts and weather bulletins, prediction.

    3. English

    - Direct translation of nautical publications in English.
    - Receipt and transmission of messages using the IMO “Standard Marine Navigational Vocabulary” phrases
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