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Sailwiz brings you the best plans to navigate and nautical titles of Anavegar.
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  • Anavegar Nautical school, boat trips, fishing and regattas

    At the Anavegar Nautical Academy, located in Benicarló, you can find a multitude of sailing plans that you can now book through Sailwiz. Get your nautical degree thanks to the official courses and practices offered as an approved school. You also have the opportunity to participate in fun regattas, for some of which special culinary skills are required ... You can join boat fishing trips and live this experience in one of the most indicated areas. And, of course, in Sailwiz we make it easy for you to book your place for boat trips, many of a very special thematic character ...
  • Services offered by Anavegar

    - Navigation to the conquest of Peñíscola Castle: go on an adventure with this northbound navigation towards Peñíscola, where you will wait for its mythical and colossal Papa Luna castle. A day of navigation in which you will feel like a true navigator and also as a privileged person to contemplate the beauty of the Castellón coast.

    - Artichoke Regatta: the aim of this regatta is not only to reach the goal in the first place, but also to demonstrate a special skill in the kitchen. In effect, each crew must prepare an artichoke skewer that a jury will later evaluate. Sea and gastronomy come together in Sailwiz to give you a fun plan.

    - Sail with love: you and your partner can take advantage of Valentine's Day to enjoy a romantic walk through the Mediterranean waters that bathe Benicarló. You will taste a glass of cava while watching the beautiful panorama that rises before your eyes, all this before completing the evening with a dinner at one of the restaurants in the city.

    - Fishing in Columbretes: fishing day near the Columbretes Islands, one of the paradises par excellence of the Mediterranean. It is not usual that fishing trips are offered by places, so take advantage of the occasion that Sailwiz provides you and book yours

    - Navigation and Safety Practices of PER and PNB: also called "Motor practices", they are mandatory in order to obtain the mentioned nautical qualifications. You can do them through Sailwiz in this official approved school, with the guarantee that this entails.

    - Navigation License Course: if you want to start handling boats, this license (former "titulin") is a great starting point, since you can govern boats up to 6 meters in length and at a distance of 2 miles from the coast during the day

    - Practices of qualification to sail: official practice of 16 hours that is necessary to handle sailing vessels, provided that you already have the title of GNP, PER, Yacht Master or Captain of Yacht. In addition to how easy it is for Sailwiz to book, the other good news is that you only have to do these practices once; After that, they will serve you for all the mentioned qualifications.

    - PER Enlargement Practices: if you have the PER and want to govern a boat up to 24m in length and / or navigate from the Peninsula to the Balearic Islands in both directions, you will have to reserve your place for this 24-hour practice.

    - Intensive GNP course with practices included: in case you want to obtain a nautical degree but do not have time for it, this intensive weekend course will seem ideal. Reserve your place in Sailwiz and get ready the theoretical exam of the GNP at the same time you do the compulsory practices of Motor and Radio, all in just 3 days and with a quality training.
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