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Consult the PER courses in the available modalities
The theoretical PER courses include the updated official syllabus so that you have a complete preparation for the exam. Learn the PER theory with us.
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  • The PER allows you to take motor boats up to 15 meters in length and navigate up to 12 miles from the coast.

    You can extend the length by performing the PER extension practices .

  • What is the content of the PER theory course?

    1. Nautical Nomenclature a: where you will learn terms referring to the nautical concepts that describe everything around the nautical world. This theme is divided into several blocks, one divided into boat dimensions, physical structures and reference points.

    2. Mooring and anchoring elements : Where the different mooring and anchoring elements will be described. In addition to the different types of knots for maneuvers.

    3. Security : Where you can see the factors and key elements for the safety of the ship and the crew.

    4. Legislation : In this topic you will see aspects such as navigation limitations, pollution or rescue standards.

    5. Beacon norms : definition of this concept and the different types of signals.

    6. Ripa : it is the regulation for pleasure boats.

    7. Maneuvers of the pleasure boat pattern : you will learn concepts to tie and unmount a boat.

    8. Emergencies : Where you will see those emergencies related to the crew and the boat.

    9. Meteorology : All about the weather conditions.

    10. Navigation theory .

    11. Letter exercises : where you will be taught to understand this representation on a navigable water scale. You will perform navigation chart exercises.
  • What are the modalities to be able to do the PER theory?

    Sailwiz gives you the opportunity to prepare the theory of PER in different modalities, depending on your availability:

    - Face-to-face course: Sailwiz works with the best approved schools in different locations so you can get the theory of PER.

    - Intersitive course

    - PER course on board

    - PER online
  • If you have done the PER cuso and passed the PER theoretical exam, what do you need now?

    Once you have completed the PER theory course and passed the exam you will have to do mandatory practices. Sailwiz works with the best nautical schools to be able to do your PER practices .
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