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PER online course
Get ready for the PER test online (Recreational Boat Pattern) online, through a virtual classroom and get your title of Recreational Boat Pattern.
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  • PER online course

    Prepare the PER Online course by studying on your own, through a virtual platform where you can study the theory in your own way, at your own pace, without schedules or travel to a school. The online classes will allow you to assimilate the knowledge to prepare the exam.
  • What does the Title PER- Recreational Boat Pattern allow?

    Once you have taken the PER online course you can govern motorized pleasure boats up to 15 meters in length, in an area between 12 miles from the coast.
    For the government of these boats you also need to carry out the sailing training practices that you can also book with Sailwiz
  • What are the steps to get the Per course?

    1. Take the theoretical exam of Per, is a test exam.
    2. Perform the practices (either before or after the theoretical exam)
    3. Take the radio operator course
    4. You must perform a medical examination in order to apply for the Boat Patron card
    5. Be of legal age
  • What does the online course of Per include?
    -All the necessary teaching material for the official study program (book and materials for letter exercises).
    - Access to the virtual nautical school for 90 days.

    What are the functionalities of the virtual classroom to get the PER online?

    - Multimedia contents
    - Videos
    - Crosswords
    - Notes
    - Letter exercises, with their explanation
    - PER test online
    - Nautical online dictionary
    - Online tutor for any custom questions that may arise
    - Videoconferences with the tutor to receive explanations

    When can you take the exam, where and how?

    Depending on the site that interests you most, by date or proximity. Ask us for the exam calendar and you can select the date that suits you best. The nautical school will help you with all the paperwork.

    What does not include in the price?

    - Basic safety and navigation practices
    - Short range radio course
    - Management and exam tuition fees
    - Psychotechnical certificate.

    What other types of complementary practices can you do once you have taken the PER online?

    There are other complementary practices that are not obligatory, such as the qualification to sail, to have the license to govern sailboats, and the practices of extension of attributions, to increase the maximum length to 24 meters and the maximum navigation distance from the peninsula to the Islands Balearics.

    Share the time your way and take the PER online course from wherever you want.

    If you want more information about PER
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