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PNB Madrid Courses - Basic Navigation Pattern
With Sailwiz it is now possible to obtain the title of Basic Navigation Pattern in Madrid (PNB) , in the best schools and with certified teachers. Next, we offer a selection of PNB courses so you can choose the one that best suits you. You are one step away from becoming a patron!
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  • Do you want to get the PNB in Madrid?

    Although it may seem otherwise, obtaining the PNB degree in Madrid means opening many doors to navigation. In the peninsular center there are several reservoirs, such as the San Juan Swamp, where you can practice your skills as a patron. Precisely in this location the mandatory Motor Practices are carried out to obtain the degree, so you do not need to move from your environment to get the PNB card.

    And if what you want is to navigate the coast, thanks to the excellent communications and transport networks available to the capital, you can quickly reach your destination. The PNB offers a comfortable navigation distance through the 5 miles that you can move away from the coast or shelter, so the seas of Spain will be open in front of you and your boat.
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