Catamaran charter

Catamaran rentals in various tropical destinations
Enjoy a unique holiday with your family or friends by booking a catamaran charter. On Sailwiz we offer catamaran charters so you can be even more comfortable while you explore islands or make your way down the coast somewhere. Lie down on deck, soak up the sun and experience the comfort of life on board a catamaran.
  • Why is renting a catamaran a good option?

    The main advantages of renting a catamaran are:

    - Stability: The probability of dizziness is lower in the catamaran than in a sailboat.

    - Space: the catamarans have large and wide areas on the deck, the cabin has a double size

    - The speed of a catamaran is greater than that of a sailboat

    - Greater luminosity: Being the central cabin raised above the hulls, a great luminosity is enjoyed. Upon entering the room, you do not enter a darker and deeper place, but directly from the command post to a bright and spacious room.

    If you are looking for a catamaran rental and cannot find what you are looking for, contact us.
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