Learn to sail in Spain

Sailing lessons in Spain
Do you want to learn to sail? You can get great hands-on practice with the best sailing instructors in beautiful locations around Spain. Whether you have never sailed or are looking to brush up on some more advanced skills, we have a course for you. Here you can learn the necessary skills to become a great skipper.
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  • Are you looking for a sailing school? Do you want to learn to sail?

    At Sailwiz we want to popularize sailing and, because of this, our selection of sailing courses gets some of the greatest attention so we can find and publish the best courses at the best sailing schools for you.

    If your dream is to become an experienced sailing skipper, on Sailwiz you will be able to find courses for dinghy (small boat) sailing, keelboat (big boat) sailing and practice for various sailing maneuvers on different types of boats.
  • How much time does it take to learn to sail?

    Sailing a boat is extremely satisfying and learning to skipper a sailboat allows us to go on unique voyages and adventures that you cannot do on land.

    Like all skills, sailing requires time to learn. This time depends greatly on the person, type of sailing and boat you want to take, and the confidence you need to feel safe on the water. The truth is that a great sailor knows he is never done learning.

    You should always try to sail with other more experienced sailors until you have been on enough adventures to feel safe in charge. In just a few weeks many can begin to feel like they are able to maneuver the boat on their own. Ideally, once you start, try to accumulate many sailing days in a short time so you don't forget what you have learned and practiced.
  • Tips for learning how to sail

    It is a great idea to start with a dinghy sailing course. Many great sailors began on small sailboats. In dinghies, everything happens faster than in a keelboat and our maneuvers are more noticeable, which allows us to get a better "feel" for the boat.

    Once you have started learning, try to quickly gain a lot of experience... If you do a course at a sailing school one weekend, for example, and you don't go sailing for months after, you are probably going to have to go back to refresh what you learned.

    Sail with expert skippers. They would be delighted to share their experiences with you! The majority of skippers are looking for crew members to share the tasks with so they can combine sailing with time to relax on board. On Sailwiz you will find many experiences and skippers eager to sail with you. Join one of their excursions!
  • What if I want to sail on my own?
    Remember that, in order to skipper a sailboat longer than six meters, you must have the necessary qualifications according to boat length and distance from the coast you wish to travel.

    On Sailwiz you can find courses and practice to obtain the maritime qualifications needed in Spain. Once you have become a skipper, it will be you who can share your experiences with other sailors. If you buy or charter a boat and need a crew, share your acitivities on Sailwiz with other users!
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