Nautical titles

Nautical qualifications to govern a boat
If you are thinking of obtaining a nautical degree , you should know that there are different courses depending on the type of boat you want to take and the distance of separation from the coast to which you want to navigate. Next, we explain the nautical titles that we have in different locations so you can choose the one that best suits you.
  • A nautical qualification enables a person to govern pleasure boats. But it is important to know the different nautical recreational titles that exist before choosing a course or another. Next, Sailwiz briefly explains what each degree consists of and what attributes it has.
  • Classification of nautical titles

    The choice of a nautical or other qualification should vary depending on the type of vessel that you want to govern, the scope of navigation and the distance of separation of the coast to which you want to navigate.

    1. Sailing License (LN).
    This degree is known as the old 'titulín'. It is a formation prepared to navigate small motor boats, up to six meters in length, without leaving much of the coast. If you think this qualification is perfect for you, discover the ten things you should know before obtaining your navigation license and find out everything.

    2. Basic Navigation Pattern (PNB).
    Conducting the PNB course authorizes to govern vessels of up to eight meters in length, with the possibility of moving up to five miles from the coast.

    3. Recreational vessel skipper (PER).
    With this qualification boats of up to fifteen meters in length can be governed, with a distance of separation of the coast of up to twelve miles. In addition, by performing the PER extension practices, the length is increased to twenty-four meters, and you can even navigate between the peninsula and the Balearic Islands.
    If you are thinking of becoming a Recreational Boat Skipper, we recommend that you read the tips to get the PER that we have written in Sailwiz.

    4. Yacht Skipper (PY).
    The Yacht Skipper qualification authorizes sailing vessels of up to twenty-four meters in length and navigating up to 150 miles, both day and night. The only requirement is that you must obtain the PER title first.

    5. Yacht Captain (CY).
    To take the Yacht Captain course it is essential to have the title of Yacht Skipper. This course enables you to navigate motor boats up to twenty four meters in length with no navigation limits.

    Remember that, if you have any questions about which nautical qualification best suits your preferences, you can contact us and we will be happy to help you.
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