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PER - Recreational Boat Pattern

Recreational Craft Skipper Courses (PER)
In Sailwiz we have selected the best Recreational Boat Pattern courses (PER) in all of Spain. Choose the one that best suits you and govern boats yourself. Also, if you book your place of PER, we give you miles to redeem in plans to navigate.
Frequent questions
  • ⭐ ¿Qué es el PER?
    El PER o Patrón de Embarcaciones de Recreo, es una titulación náutica de recreo regulada por la normativa española que permite el gobierno de embarcaciones para uso recreativo.
  • ✅ ¿Dónde puedo hacer el curso de PER?
    Los cursos de PER (Patrón de Embarcaciones de Recreo) para preparar el examen teórico se realizan en escuelas náuticas homologadas. En Sailwiz puedes encontrar una selección de cursos de PER en las mejores escuelas de cada zona.
  • ➡️ ¿Qué precio tiene el PER?
    El precio de un curso y prácticas de PER es muy variable. Hay opciones desde 400 euros hasta casi 2.000 euros. La diferencia depende de la zona, de la modalidad de curso, el realizar o no las prácticas opcionales y la calidad de la escuela.
  • ¿Cuándo tiempo se tarda en obtener el PER?
    Para obtener el PER hay que aprobar un examen teórico y realizar unas prácticas de navegación y radiocomunicaciones. La preparación del examen se puede realizar simultáneamente a las prácticas y la media aproximada es de dos meses.
  • ¿Dónde se puede renovar el PER?
    El título de Patrón de Embarcaciones de Recreo se debe renovar cada cierto tiempo. Esta renoación se puede solicitar en las administrición pública competente o en las escuelas náuticas homologadas.
  • ✍ ¿Dónde se hace el examen de PER?
    El examen de PER lo realizan administraciones como la Dirección General de la Marina Mercante y otras que tienen las competencias en las comunidades autónomas. Para conocer los lugares y fechas de examen puedes consultar la web www.examenesdenautica.com
  • The best Recreational Boat Skipper courses

    The Recreational Boat Skipper (PER) courses published in Sailwiz are taught in the best nautical schools in Spain. We select exclusively certified nautical schools that we consider to have the highest reputation and quality in each location.
  • How much time do I need to prepare the PER course?

    The Recreational Boat Skipper course can last approximately two months, although this varies depending on the person and the time you want or can devote. The PER test consists of a simple test, although it requires preparation time. It is common for people who have already browsed before or who have a habit of study find it easier, but the agenda is affordable for everyone.
  • PER title price

    The price of the PER, or in other words, the total cost of the course (practices, teaching material, exam and issuance fees), as with most nautical titles, varies greatly depending on several factors: the place where the course, the season, the course modality (face-to-face, distance, at home ...), the instructor / student ratio, the school facilities, the teaching materials, the guarantees of each one, the quality of the courses practice boats, etc.

    Normally, including all costs, the minimum price is about 650 euros. For lower prices it is convenient to read the fine print, online opinions or find out very well about the possible limitations of practice dates, number of students by groups, type of boat and check before the facilities, the state of the boats and the material that is delivered to the student

    The maximum cost of the PER can exceed 2,000 euros, if for example we choose a private course at home and include all optional practices (sailing and extension of powers).
  • What boats can I take with the title of Recreation Skipper (PER)?
    With PER you can take boats up to 15 meters in length to navigate a maximum distance of 12 miles from the coast or to navigate between islands of the Balearic and Canary Islands.
    It is possible to extend these attributions by performing the attribution extension practices discussed below.
  • What are the practices that I have to perform in PER?
    To obtain the PER degree you have to obtain certificates that prove that you have done the regulatory practices in an approved nautical school. The practices of this degree are composed of two mandatory tests:
    • Motor practices (basic safety and navigation practices): They consist of a minimum of 16 hours in which you will learn docking and undocking maneuvers, anchoring, mooring a buoy, government of the boat, man maneuver to the water, among many other techniques.
    • Radio practices (short range operator radio course): It consists of 12 hours, 4 theory and 8 practices in a simulator. In this course you will learn how to handle radio devices on a ship, practice how to make a distress call, how to communicate with other ships, the port, etc.

    There are other practices that are not mandatory, but that serve to extend the attributions of your Recreation Skipper title:
    • Sailing training practices: They consist of 16 hours and with them you will learn the basic maneuvers of a sailing ship. You must do them to have your title enabled to sail, if you want to take a sailboat.
    • Practices expanding the powers of PER: This is a 24-hour journey without touching the ground, where you will do night navigation and learn how to prepare a long journey. Performing this practice, your PER title will be valid for boats up to 24 meters in length and you can make crossings between the peninsula and the Balear Islands.

    The regulations allow combining the practice of sailing and the extension of the powers of PER in a single practice in a 48-hour journey, without touching the ground.
  • Advantages of hiring a PER course in Sailwiz
    Sailwiz only works with the best nautical schools in Spain, therefore, you have the guarantee of booking in quality centers that we review.

    Booking your course through Sailwiz allows you to call us if you encounter any problems during the course. If the school cannot give you a solution to your needs, in Sailwiz we will intermediate to help you solve it.

    Also, in Sailwiz, your money is worth more! When you book a PER course in Sailwiz you automatically get miles that you can redeem in discounts for practices, for other plans to navigate or to rent a boat.
  • Prepare the PER for free
    Is it possible to prepare PER for free? Yes, you can prepare the theoretical exam on your own, although it requires a little more effort than going to a school, but it is possible.

    It is only mandatory to go to a school to do the internship. If you are going to prepare the PER test for free, here are some links that will be useful:

    Once you pass your exam, you have a deadline to complete the internship and, of course, you can also book them in Sailwiz!

    Sailwiz has an online PER mode to get your PER title for free, which will give you access to a virtual platform where you can study the theory in your own way and find multimedia content, exercises, notes and much more!
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