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Get your Basic Navigation Pattern title with our courses and practices.
The Basic Navigation Pattern (PNB) title enables you to carry vessels up to eight meters in length and navigate a maximum distance of five miles from the coast, both day and night. With Sailwiz it is very easy to obtain this degree, access our courses and select the one that best suits you depending on the geographical situation in which you are.
  • Where can I get the PNB title?

    The Basic Navigation Pattern (PNB) courses published in Sailwiz belong to the most outstanding nautical schools in the country, all of them with approved curricula and with recognized quality.
  • What is the price of the PNB course?

    The price of the Basic Navigation Pattern course includes internships, homologized boat for the realization of the motor practice, certified professional teacher, certificate issuance, management for the processing of the expedition or, in another case, the renewal of the license. The total cost varies greatly depending on some factors: the place where the course is taught, the season, the course modality, the instructor ratio per student, the quality of the practice boats, etc.
  • What ships can I take with the title of Navigation Pattern (PNB)?

    With this type of nautical recreational titles you can govern motor boats (and sail with the corresponding qualification) up to 8 meters in length, without moving more than 5 miles from a port or place of refuge, being able to sail even at night. The engine power should be adequate for the size of the boat. It should be noted that with the GNP, the handling of any jet ski without a power limit is allowed.
  • What is the PNB course?
    First, a theoretical exam of twenty-seven questions must be taken, having to answer seventeen of them correctly. Once this exam is passed, compulsory practices will have to be carried out, on the one hand the motorcycle, with a duration of eight hours and, on the other hand, the radio, of four hours.
  • Advantages of hiring a PNB course in Sailwiz
    Sailwiz guarantees the best educational quality when working with certified nautical schools of national reference. In addition, by hiring the most practical theory pack, you can get the best price guaranteed.

    Once you have obtained the Basic Navigation Pattern qualification and you want to continue training in the nautical world, you can take the next step, the Recreational Boat Pattern (PER) course. For more information, contact Sailwiz.
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