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Calculate the income you can have by advertising on Sailwiz
Calculate the income you can have by advertising on Sailwiz
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The advantages of advertising on Sailwiz
  • Impulsa tu actividad
    Boost your sales!
    Publish your activity and access one of the biggest sailors community that search for shared nautical experiences.
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    Highlight your activities!
    Receive certified ratings of your customers and start highlighting your crossings or courses with more guarantees.
  • Atención personalizada
    Personalized attention
    A team of experts are at your disposal to enable you the publishing of your activties and the closure of your bookings.
Carlos and Aroa
8 reviews received
Our experience with Sailwiz has been very positive. It has helped us promote our navigation project and share experiences with other travellers. In the Think Blue Expeditions team we are very grateful for the collaboration we have and that we hope to maintain with this platform. Therefore, we´ll keep on using it.
Advertising is very easy
  • 1
    Publish your offer
    In a very few steps and completely free, you will be able to publish your activities. You decide the price and the availability. The Sailwiz team will help and guide you in making more attractive the content.
  • 2
    Receive and collect your bookings!
    From that very moment, you will be able to receive bookings. Sailwiz will be the one to manage all the payments. Once your activity has been finished, you will receive your settlement through transfer.
  • 3
    Update the availability
    Don´t forget that it is essential to maintain your activities upgraded. The more dates you have updated in Sailwiz, the more chances you will have of receiving bookings.
Have you got any doubts?
  • What activities can I publish in Sailwiz?
    You will be able to publish any type of nautical activity you can think of: holidays in sailboat, trips, renting of boats, sail courses, practices for nautical titles, professional courses...
  • How do i contact with possible members of the crew?
    Users interested in your activities will be able to contact you through the web chat. Once they have finalized their booking, you will then have access to their contact and talk directly to them.
  • When will i receive the settlement from the bookings?
    Every monday, Sailwiz settles the amount of the finalized activities of the previous week. The settlement correpsonds to the total amount of the bookings minus the commission applied by Sailwiz.
  • What commission does Sailwiz apply?
    Sailwiz applies a commission of 20% for every sail, applied to the price charged to the user. You will receive the bill with the said commission the next day of your settlement.
  • What happens when the activity gets cancelled?
    The skipper always has the last word about the departure or not of a crossing. In case of it being cancelled, the ideal thing would be to negotiate with the crew members an alternative date. You can specify your own cancellation conditions in your profile.
  • In what can Sailwiz help me?
    The Sailwiz team works hards to attract possible users interested in your activities, manages all the sail process and helps you create better content for your various plans. If you need it, you can contact directly with the human team.
Laura Plaza
61 reviews received
Sailwiz has become our main partner in the difficult task of finding students in our courses, practices and sailing trips. From the team of Cenáutica we value very positively the ease of use of the website and the support provided by the Sailwiz team.
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