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Single traveller holidays

Holidays for single people on the water
Are you looking for ideas to travel alone or alone?
We suggest trips for singles on sailing boats , where you can meet new people, live new experiences and go sightseeing enjoying the sea, paradisiacal coves, marine reserves and places with a lot of charm.
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The Constitution and Immaculada holidays - sailing from Denia to Ibiza and Formentera
From 3 Dec to 8 Dec
3 Dec
6 days
9 More information Reserve for 351€
Sailing trip through Thailand for 9 days
From 8 Dec to 16 Dec
8 Dec
9 days
8 More information Reserve for 1,280€
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Frequent questions
  • ⭐ Why choose a boat trip for singles?
    Boat trips for singles are the ideal option if you are looking to meet different people, live new experiences and go sightseeing enjoying the sea, paradisiacal coves and places with a lot of charm.
  • ✅ What destinations can I visit on a singles boat trip?
    On the Sailwiz website you will find a multitude of destinations and experiences to navigate. From holidays to the Balearic Islands, getaways along the Levantine coast and the Costa Brava, discover the Andalusian Mediterranean or sail along the Cantabrian coast.
  • ➡️ How long are the boat experiences for singles?
    The duration of sailing trips for singles depends on each experience. The most common is to find weekend plans, although there are also more and fewer days.
  • ✍ How can I book a sailing trip for singles?
    You have to enter the activity that interests you, consult with the skipper all the doubts that may arise and reserve through the web after payment. Once the reservation is completed, you will receive the confirmation in your email.
  • ➡️ How is living on the boat with more singles?
    Normally the people who sign up for this type of experience are open-minded and have a good predisposition to meet new people, so that coexistence is usually very good.
  • ⚡ How much does a boat trip cost for singles?
    Singles boat vacation prices vary depending on the type of boat, the length of the experience, and the time of year you want to sail.
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  • What are sailing holidays for singles on shared boats?

    Sailwiz connects boat owners with people who want to enjoy their free time sailing and making new friends.

    Many Sailwiz users are people who value meeting new people. Most of them are single looking into these experiences to expand their circle of friends.

    Some of the companies that publish their activities on Sailwiz make trips exclusively for singles.
  • On what experiences will I find more singles?

    One of the best options to run into other "singles" is what is known as "flotillas." These experiences consist of organized routes where a fleet of several boats go along the coast from port to port.

    Specialized companies often offer this type of trip. Most people who go are singles who travel alone and buy their spot to join the crews of these boats and meet new people.
  • How is living with other crew members on these vacation routes for singles?

    Usually, the people who sign up for these experiences are open-minded and are willing to meet new people, so living together is usually very good.

    In addition, each boat has a skipper that is responsible for onboard navigation and the organization of the boat and sail because there is always a good atmosphere. The skipper tends to encourage the crew members to get to know each other and, if they want, involve them in navigating the boat.
  • Will I only meet the crew members on my boat or the entire fleet?
    Such experiences often have trips from one port or cove to another that aren't very long, meaning the time that you exclusively spend with the crew of your boat will only be during these transfers.

    Most of the time, the boats are together in a port or a cove and the participants enjoy dinner, a party or wine together at the port. They also often arrange shore excursions to combine nautical tourism with living in the most interesting places at each port or destination.
  • What do I do to book a singles trip on Sailwiz?
    Sign up for Sailwiz and access to the page of the activity that interests. Then, click on the booking button to confirm the booking and payment. If you have any questions and need to know more before booking, you can contact the skipper from the activity's page or call Sailwiz.
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