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Sailing holidays for singles

Singles boat trips
33 reviews
Single traveller holidays
Are you looking for ideas to travel alone or alone?
We suggest sailing holidays for singles, where you can meet new people, live new experiences and go sightseeing enjoying the sea, paradisiacal coves, marine reserves and places with a lot of charm.
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Frequent questions
  • ⭐ Why choose a cruise for singles?
    Cruises for singles are the ideal option if you are looking to meet new people in a different environment, live unique experiences and go sightseeing enjoying the sea, paradisiacal coves and charming places.
  • ✅ What destinations can I visit on a singles cruise?
    On the Sailwiz website you will find a multitude of destinations and experiences to sail. From holidays to Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, to Italy and Greece. Choose your favourite!
  • ⌚ How long are boat trips for singles?
    The length of boat trips for singles depends on the details of each experience. The most common is to find plans for a week or a weekend, although there are also plans for more and fewer days. Check the details of the one you like the most and if you want to consult us, do not hesitate.
  • ✍ Is it usual to travel alone by boat?
    Of course! It is a totally different experience, you learn many things about yourself and life on board will make you leave your comfort zone, seeing things from another perspective. Daring to travel alone is a wonderful experience that will leave you wanting more. And what better than sailing through incredible places!
  • ➡️ How is living on the ship with more singles?
    Normally, the people who sign up for this type of experience are open-minded and have a good predisposition to meet new people, so that coexistence is usually respectful. It is about getting out of your comfort zone and in general, it is usually a very rewarding and highly advisable experience.
  • ⚡ How much does a boat trip for singles cost?
    The prices of boat holidays for singles vary depending on the type of experience, the capacity and age of the boat, the duration of the navigation, but above all, the season in which you want to sign up and the services that are included. You can find singles cruises on Sailwiz from €399 to €840.
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If the current offer does not match your agenda, leave us your email and we will notify you of the next scheduled dates
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User reviews about Single traveller holidays
Average grade
Highly recommended experience with José María and his sailboat.
Everything well organized and the boat very clean and in very good condition
The only "but" is that I would have liked to have sailed more
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It was a nice and safe week traveling on beautiful beaches with turquoise waters. And her cooking skills aren't too bad!
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Very positive experience! At first I was a bit worried about spending a week in a small space with people I didn't know but from day one it was great! My employer was Javier and we had a great time with him. I learned to sail a little and drive a boat. You are always in contact with nature.
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The experience has been wonderful, both their ability to crew and adapt as well as the spaces visited have been outstanding.
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Awesome!!! The boat is amazing and very well cared for. José Maria, a great Capi, a very good cook and a better navigator. Fantastic experience sailing on the sailboat !!
I have been very lucky with Tripu, we have shared very beautiful moments. I hope to be able to repeat soon. Thank you Joseph Maria!! Thank you!!
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It was all magnificent.
Jose María keeps the boat in perfect condition. Very clean and cared for, it was wonderful to spend a week on board. He is a magnificent employer, always professional and didactic. Personally, a charming person: always nice and very nice. A 10. I would love to repeat with him!!
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  • Cruises for singles on shared boats

    Would you like to travel meeting new people? Venturing to travel alone in a group ? We have the best option for you! Sailwiz connects patrons who offer cruises for singles , sharing their own boats with fun people who want to enjoy their free time sailing, making new friends and discovering incredible places along the coast.

    Sailwiz users are people who value being able to meet new people, different lifestyles... and we know it. Most of them are single men or women who seek this type of experience to expand their circle of friends. If you love the sea and are looking for a totally different experience, Sailwiz brings you different Sailing trips for singles , which will undoubtedly become one of the most incredible experiences of your life.
  • What are the best group tours for singles?

    One of the best options to match others " singles " on our singles cruises are the flotillas. What are fleets? They are nothing more than organized routes in which a fleet of several ships travel along the coast from port to port following the same course. Therefore, you would not only meet your shipmates, but also other crew members when you stop to take a nice swim at one of the beaches or make a stop at a port to go to beach bars.

    Most of the time the boats are together in port or in a cove and the participants are enjoying a dinner, party or wine organized in port together. Land excursions are also usually organized to combine nautical tourism with coexistence in the most interesting points of each port or destination.

    The companies that offer this type of experience in Sailwiz are specialized in organized group trips. Most of the people who go are single men and women willing to travel alone, who reserve their place with the hope of joining the crews of the ships and sharing this exciting experience with new people.
  • How is living with other crew members on a cruise for singles?

    In general, the people who sign up for this type of experience are open-minded and have a good predisposition to share space with strangers, since that is what this type of experience is also about. A different vacation with the aim of living new experiences, so coexistence is usually very good.

    Keep in mind that life on board is a totally different lifestyle and that, in general, the skipper who accompanies you is the owner of the boat, so he is inviting you to his own home. The civic sense must always be present. The skipper usually encourages the crew to get to know each other and if they want, even involves them in the maneuvers of the boat.

    On many voyages you have the opportunity to help with navigation tasks, so if you are attracted to the nautical world, it is also a perfect opportunity to improve your knowledge and experience if you wish.
  • How can I book a singles cruise on Sailwiz?
    Very easy! First of all, sign up for Sailwiz. Once your crew member profile has been created, go to the main page or search for " trips for singles " to select the nautical adventure that most interests you and when you have chosen it, click on the reserve button to formalize the reservation and payment. If you have any questions or need to know any details before booking, you can contact the skipper from the page of the activity that interests you or contact the Sailwiz team.

    Don't think twice and go ahead and live a unique experience with our cruises for singles . Jump into this adventure. You will not regret!
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