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Experience the Columbretes by diving, snorkeling or sailing
5 reviews
Columbretes Islands holidays
The Columbretes Islands are an archipelago of volcanic islands full of marine life, making it a true paradise for scuba divers. We have selected the best plans so you can visit the marine reserves of the Columbretes Islands and enjoy exploring the surface of the islands as well.
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Valencia, Valencia
From 25 Jan to 30 Jan (2023)
25 Jan
6 days
6 More information Reserve for 526€
Valencia, Valencia
From 15 Feb to 20 Feb (2023)
15 Feb
6 days
7 More information Reserve for 526€
Valencia, Valencia
From 24 Feb to 26 Feb (2023)
24 Feb
3 days
7 More information Reserve for 225€
Valencia, Valencia
From 3 Mar to 5 Mar (2023)
3 Mar
3 days
5 More information Reserve for 250€
Valencia, Valencia
From 8 Mar to 13 Mar (2023)
8 Mar
6 days
7 More information Reserve for 526€
Valencia, Valencia
From 31 Mar to 2 Apr (2023)
31 Mar
3 days
7 More information Reserve for 225€
Valencia, Valencia
From 6 Apr to 9 Apr (2023)
6 Apr
4 days
9 More information Reserve for 250€
Valencia, Valencia
From 14 Apr to 16 Apr (2023)
14 Apr
3 days
9 More information Reserve for 220€
Valencia, Valencia
From 21 Apr to 23 Apr (2023)
21 Apr
3 days
9 More information Reserve for 220€
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Frequent questions
  • When is the best time to visit the Columbretes Islands?
    The Columbretes Islands can be visited throughout the year since, being the Mediterranean, temperatures are usually stable with pleasant weather. However, in spring and especially summer , it is when the boat trip is more pleasant and you can enjoy outdoor activities such as snorkeling or diving with more hours of light, the water temperature being more suitable for bathing.
  • ✅ How much does it cost to go to the Columbretes?
    If it is a day trip, the price to visit the Columbretes is around €120-300 depending on the type of boat, the duration, the port of departure or the time of year. If it is several days, such as a full weekend, the price can vary between €350-2000 depending on the services included.
  • ➡️ Where are the Columbretes?
    The Columbretes Islands are a small volcanic archipelago located 35 miles from Castellón, in the Spanish Mediterranean.
  • ⚡ What to see in the Columbretes Islands?
    The best thing to see in the Columbretes is its seabed while snorkeling or scuba diving , discovering the habitat of numerous very special and atypical marine species.
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User reviews about Columbretes Islands holidays
Average grade
Ignacio is the perfect skipper if you are looking to improve your skipper skills and gain sailing experience. He is very concerned that all the crew is well, that they learn, and of course that they are safe. I learned more in 2 days than in a year! All a 10, I return with him without thinking twice. Thank you!
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It has been a great experience embarking on the sailboat. The boat is incredible, all the details are super careful and Ignacio is a great skipper as well as a very good navigator. He has everything very organized, is attentive to the entire crew and is a very good teacher; He explained to us: knots, sails, courses. A marvel.
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¡¡¡Everything Perfect¡¡¡ Ignacio always attentive and watching over all the details of safety and comfort. A great sailor and passionate about the sea that he shares with the entire crew from minute 1. During the voyage, Ignacio takes advantage of certain moments to teach the essentials of sailing. We will repeat
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Very pleasant experience. Luis is a very good instructor, giving all the pertinent explanations. He is also a magnificent skipper, putting safety above all else and worrying about creating a good climate on board so that coexistence is easier.
Highly recommended.
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Jackie September of 2022
Excellent crossing! Agustín is a captain with very good experience, many anecdotes and, on top of that, a good cook. A ten!
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  • Visit the Columbretes Islands, how to go?

    Located just a few miles from the coast of Castellón, visiting the Columbretes Islands is a wonderful experience. It is one of the Natural Parks with the richest marine biodiversity in our country, so to enter them you have to be especially careful.

    You should know that the Columbretes volcanic archipelago is divided into four islands known as Grossa, Ferrera, Foradada and Carallot.
    These are accessible exclusively by boat, normally from the coasts of Burriana, Castellón, Valencia, Oropesa or Benicarló, but excursions are also made from the Balearic Islands.

    Keep in mind that, as it is a protected marine reserve, it is not possible to disembark or anchor in any area, only in those authorized by the maritime authorities. Therefore, discovering the Columbretes Islands by sailboat under the experience of a local skipper will be the best option to explore this little corner of the Mediterranean.

    At Sailwiz we have different options for trips and excursions to the Columbretes Islands by boat so that you can sail without worries and just focus on enjoying this spectacle of nature.
  • Excursion to the Columbretes Islands, what to see and do?

    The Columbretes Islands are a tourist attraction due to the interest posed by the vast biodiversity of their seabed. Being located a few miles from the coast of Castellón, the most common is to take a day trip by boat or if you prefer, extend your stay enjoying the Columbretes more relaxed for a full weekend.

    This place is special for disconnection, since its isolated geographical location causes new species of fauna and flora to emerge. So you will feel all privileged in a small natural paradise. In particular, Isla Grossa , being the largest and the only one inhabited, is the most frequented due to its authorization to anchor.

    Without a doubt, the most attractive activity to do on an excursion to the Columbretes is diving. Diving into the warm waters of the Mediterranean will allow you to discover a seabed full of schools of multicolored fish. Being a protected reserve, fishing is prohibited, so this place has become the refuge of hundreds of marine species. Of course, we must not forget the diving goggles to snorkel, it is also another fantastic option for those who are not so daring to go into the deep sea. Don't miss out on this show!
  • Diving in the Columbretes, the best experience.

    Are you passionate about scuba diving? You should know that the Columbretes Islands is one of the favorite destinations for diving enthusiasts, since its seabed is a claim for lovers of this sport.

    Practicing diving in the Columbretes will allow you to delve into its reefs and rocky seabeds that are home to very unique marine fauna such as red coral, bottlenose dolphins, the threatened loggerhead sea turtle, groupers, sea breams, moray eels, red mullets or red lobsters. They are also the habitat of peculiar types of organisms such as calcareous algae or red gorgonians, which provide evidence of the quality of these waters. On the surface, favorite seabirds of the Balearic area choose this protected enclave as their home due to the abundance of their prey, such as the Sardinian Gull.

    In Sailwiz you can find different getaways to visit the Columbretes Islands , being able to bring your own diving equipment or in some cases, rent it to the skippers who have this type of special equipment. Check all our options and dive in the Columbretes!
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