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Boat holidays in the Balearic Islands

Escape to the Balearic Islands on boat holidays
149 reviews
Do you need a different getaway? Come on a boat holiday in the Balearic Islands! We have selected the best plans to navigate the Pitiusas Islands, Menorca and Mallorca . Embark on incredible boats and discover the secret corners of its turquoise coves with crystal clear waters. Thousands of experiences are waiting for you, book now and... don't miss out!
Next plans
Experience InicioPlazasPrice
December Bridge: crossing from Denia to Ibiza and Formentera
From 5 Dec to 10 Dec
5 Dec
6 days
5 More information Reserve for 319€
New Year's Eve in Ibiza sailing from Denia
From 29 Dec to 1 Jan (2024)
29 Dec
4 days
3 More information Reserve for 279€
Sailing cruise around Ibiza and Formentera
From 22 Jun to 28 Jun (2024)
22 Jun
7 days
7 More information Reserve for 950€
Sailing and diving cruise in Ibiza and Formentera with 10 dives
From 22 Jun to 28 Jun (2024)
22 Jun
7 days
8 More information Reserve for 1,200€
Sailing and diving cruise in Ibiza and Formentera with 10 dives
From 6 Jul to 12 Jul (2024)
6 Jul
7 days
8 More information Reserve for 1,200€
One week sailing cruise in Menorca
From 19 Jul to 26 Jul (2024)
19 Jul
8 days
7 More information Reserve for 890€
One week sailing cruise in Menorca
From 2 Aug to 9 Aug (2024)
2 Aug
8 days
7 More information Reserve for 890€
One week sailing cruise in Menorca
From 16 Aug to 23 Aug (2024)
16 Aug
8 days
7 More information Reserve for 890€
Sailing and diving cruise in Ibiza and Formentera with 10 dives
From 7 Sep to 13 Sep (2024)
7 Sep
7 days
8 More information Reserve for 1,200€
Sailing and diving cruise in Ibiza and Formentera with 10 dives
From 14 Sep to 20 Sep (2024)
14 Sep
7 days
8 More information Reserve for 1,200€
Sailing and diving cruise in Ibiza and Formentera with 10 dives
From 21 Sep to 27 Sep (2024)
21 Sep
7 days
8 More information Reserve for 1,200€
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Frequent questions
  • ✅ Why visit the Balearic Islands by boat?
    There is no better way to get to know an archipelago than by boat. Getting to know the Balearic Islands on board a boat with a local skipper who knows the area perfectly, will allow you to optimize your time to get to know many more corners of the coast and even areas that are difficult or impossible to access by car or on foot.
  • ✍ How can I book a boat trip in the Balearic Islands?
    Enter the activity that interests you with availability on the Sailwiz website, consult with the skipper all the doubts that may arise and reserve through the website one or the places you need on the islands. Once the reservation is completed, you will receive the confirmation in your email.
  • ⌚ How long does a boat holiday in the Balearic Islands last?
    The duration of the boat trips in the Balearic Islands depends on each experience. The most common is to find plans for a weekend, although there are also plans for more and fewer days. Choose the one that best suits your itinerary among the great offer of Sailwiz.
  • ⚡ Is it expensive to rent a boat in the Balearic Islands?
    The price of a boat holiday in the Balearic Islands varies depending on the type of boat, the duration of the experience and the time of year in which you want to sail, since prices go up in summer due to high demand. At Sailwiz we offer place-to-place experiences around the Balearic Islands so that it is more affordable and you can share common expenses with other crew members.
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If the current offer does not match your agenda, leave us your email and we will notify you of the next scheduled dates
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User reviews about Boat holidays in the Balearic Islands
Average grade
Magnificent plan to enjoy diving and the beaches of Ibiza and Formentera, incredible dives and a great deal, you will eat great and until you burst, great team very professional and above all human, do not think it will be the best vacation of your life
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Cristina and Jesús are two experienced and authentic sailors. Cristina is also a great diving instructor who knows the depths of the islands and infects you with her passion for the sea with maximum safety!
Very familiar treatment, they make you feel at home.
10 experience that I recommend 100%.
I will repeat without a doubt!
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Exceptional my diving course, the sailing experience, the diving experience, the life on board, the food. And the kindness of Jesus and Cristina. Everything is great. I would repeat.
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A great pleasure these days on the sailboat with Cristina and Jesús, everything very well organized, both in terms of diving and accommodation on the sailboat, both of them also very helpful, they help you in everything ... if possible I will repeat.
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I have made a week of vacation in Ibiza / Formentera crossing from the peninsula and the experience has been a success thanks to José Maria. He has a deep knowledge of the sea and is also willing to share it with those who enter his ship. My wife and I have had an incredible week. We have met fantastic people and very special places, it seems incredible they are so close to home. I would highlight that it has also been a great culinary experience because although the tasks are shared among all ... Jose María has a hand for the kitchen ...

In short, I don't know when but ... we will be back!
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Excellent week. Cristina an amazing dive instructor and Jesus a very trustworthy captain. For those who want to navigate experiencing diving in incredible places I recommend it 100%.
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  • Boat holidays in the Balearic Islands: the best choice

    What better way to get to know the Balearic archipelago than by boat? Traveling aboard a boat will give you the opportunity to get to know many more unknown and inaccessible corners of the island and optimize the time of your visit. You will contemplate impressive landscapes of the coast from a different perspective under the experience of a professional skipper of the area.

    Let yourself be carried away by the constant swaying of the Mediterranean, relax on a sailboat or an impressive catamaran and just worry about sunbathing or swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. Can you imagine enjoying a sunset from the high seas in this paradise? In addition, you will be able to share this experience with other crew members and learn about other lifestyles. Sailwiz brings people together in the best destinations!
  • How is life aboard a sailboat?

    Discovering the Balearic Islands from the sea aboard a sailboat is, without a doubt, an opportunity that you cannot miss. During the trip, both sail and motor will be sailed and anchored in virgin coves to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of nature.

    Each experience has different plans, such as the places that will be visited on land, the beaches and coves, the water activities, etc., and will vary depending on the skipper that governs the boat. For their part, the boats are equipped with a kitchen and several cabins to sleep. Normally, and if the experience does not include it, a joint purchase is usually made before leaving on the sailboat . In addition, it is a fantastic opportunity to get started in the world of sailing and discover the real life on board.
  • How should I plan my boat holidays in the Balearic Islands?

    In the offer published in Sailwiz to go on a boat holiday in the Balearic Islands, you will be able to access information on each particular experience with the specifications of each skipper.

    Depending on your availability, filter by the planned dates that best suit you , in some cases you will see that the skippers have several departure options available on different dates. In the event that the skipper does not have published available dates, there is the possibility of contacting him to propose new ones based on your needs and thus organize your trip. Choose the experience that best suits you in terms of duration and price and consult the description of the program of each activity to discover what you can do on your next boat adventure.
  • What are the destinations for sailing trips in the Balearic Islands?
    At Sailwiz we offer plans to navigate the different islands that make up the Balearic Islands , such as Ibiza and Formentera, Mallorca and Menorca, departing from Barcelona, Valencia or Alicante, among other ports. Each experience details the route that it travels, from the port from which it departs, through the route that will be followed until the last destination of the trip.

    If you have any questions about the route, you can contact the skipper of the boat and he will be happy to help you or with our own team.
  • How can I reserve a place to navigate the Balearic Islands?
    First of all, it is important to be registered as a user in Sailwiz , once you have done so, you can reserve your place and the time you have to pay, either by credit card or bank transfer. From there, the skipper will receive a notification about the reservation and the participant's information by email.

    If at the time of making the reservation you have doubts about any subject, do not hesitate to
    contact Sailwiz and we will help you to make it.
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