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Sailing regattas

Join the crew of a Sailwiz sailing regatta
Have you ever thought about participating in a sailing regatta? Of course, it is not an easy decision to make, as important factors such as experience influence it. However, now is the time to be part of a professional team of sailors , because in Sailwiz we have selected the best sailing regattas in which it is not necessary to have previous experience . Join the Sailwiz patrons and compete as a team for the final victory!
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Regatta IX MKIII Trophy - Rafael Morán
From 30 Oct to 31 Oct
30 Oct
2 days
3 More information Reserve for 150€
Christmas Regatta CN Santa Pola
From 18 Dec to 19 Dec
18 Dec
2 days
6 More information Reserve for 100€
RORC Caribbean 600
From 17 Feb to 25 Feb (2022)
17 Feb
9 days
9 More information Reserve for 1,742€
St Maarten Heineken Regatta
From 1 Mar to 6 Mar (2022)
1 Mar
6 days
9 More information Reserve for 1,406€
Les Voiles de St Tropez Regatta
From 23 Sep to 2 Oct (2022)
23 Sep
10 days
9 More information Reserve for 1,400€
Sailing around the world in 18 months! - ARC Regatta from the Caribbean
From 16 Dec to 16 Jun (2022)
16 Dec
549 days
4 More information Reserve for 18,000€
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Frequent questions
  • ⭐ ¿Qué es una regata?
    Una regata de vela es una competición deportiva de velocidad entre varias embarcaciones. Cada velero esta formado por un equipo de regatistas que debe superar distintas pruebas a lo largo de un recorrido previamente establecido.
  • ⌚ ¿Cuánto dura una regata?
    La duración de una regata de vela varía en función de la competición, en algunos casos finalizan en una horas y, en otros, puede llegar a durar varios días.
  • ✍ ¿Cuántos tipos de regatas de vela existen?
    Las regatas de vela pueden ser de dos tipos: Regata de vela ligera (son embarcaciones de tamaño pequeño) y Regata de vela de crucero (se utilizan veleros de mayor tamaño).
  • ⚡ ¿Necesito experiencia para participar en una regata?
    No es necesario tener experiencia ni conocimientos básicos de vela. Solo se requieren ganas de pasarlo bien, disfrutar del mar, de la navegación y de conocer gente nueva.
  • ✅ ¿En qué regatas puedo participar?
    En el calendario náutico hay multitud de regatas. En Sailwiz podrás encontrar plaza para la Ruta de la Sal, la Regata Ophiusa, el Trofeo Peñón de Ifach, Illes Ballears Clàssics, el Trofeo Otoño, la Copa del Canal y el Trofeo 5 Clubs, entre otras.
  • ➡️ ¿Qué precio tiene participar en una regata?
    Como puedes comprobar en Sailwiz, el precio del Cruce del Atlántico varía en función del tipo de barco y lo que esté incluído en el paquete, aunque en general, los tickets suelen partir de los 400 euros.
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  • What is a regatta?

    A sailing regatta is a speed sports competition between several boats. Each sailboat is formed by a team of sailors who must pass different tests along a previously established route. The duration of a sailing regatta varies depending on the competition, in some cases they end in one hour and, in others, it can last several days. Do you dare to participate as a crew member in sailing regattas? Next, we tell you everything you need to know before living this adventure.
  • Is it necessary to have experience to participate in a sailing regatta?

    One of the most repeated issues when deciding to embark on a sailing regatta is experience. In this case it is not necessary to have experience or basic knowledge of sailing, it only requires a desire to have fun, enjoy the sea, navigation and meet new people. Once embarked, you will live an incredible experience, where you will learn navigation skills and work in teams, among many other things.
  • What clothes should be taken to a regatta?

    The days before the adventure, you are sure to ask yourself about the type of clothes you should wear for a sailing regatta . First of all, you should keep in mind that the clothes are light, since otherwise you could increase the weight of the boat. In addition, clothing should be comfortable and waterproof so as not to get wet. Finally, the shoes should be of the non-slip white sole, as this could prevent falls in the area of the deck.
  • What are the best known sailing regattas in Spain?
    Among the most important sailing regattas in Spain, we find two that stand out for the influx of participants and their media popularity.

    Salt Route.
    Officially called Ruta de la Sal - Pepe Ferrés Trophy. It is usually celebrated during the Easter holidays. This tall regatta consists of different routes that start from different places, Barcelona, Denia and Mallorca, and its destination is the port of Ibiza. In Sailwiz's blog you will find all the information about the route of the Salt Route .

    Ophiusa Regatta.
    This is one of the most important high-altitude races that take place in the Mediterranean Sea. Characterized by its high competitive level, the Ophiusa regatta is held during the month of April on the island of Formentera, leaving from the Port of Sitges and ending at the port of La Savina.

    At an international level, we can find regattas such as the Volvo Ocean Race , the most important transoceanic regatta in the world in terms of team competition and which has a duration of nine months, or the Barcelona World, a regatta held around the world, nonstop and that starts and ends in Barcelona.
  • What types of sailing regatta exist?
    Sailing regattas can be of two types:

    Regatta sailing.
    They are small-sized vessels, which lack motor propulsion and haggle near the coast. The route of this type of sailing regatta is usually marked with buoys or triangle-shaped beacons.

    Cruising sailing regatta.
    Sailboats of larger size are used for this competition, which normally have a motor propulsion. In cruising sailing regattas, the routes are structured from port to port and the distance varies depending on the class, the number of participating boats and the weather conditions.
  • What are the rules of a sailing regatta?
    Regarding the regulations governing a regatta, the points system is usually used to establish who manages to position itself as the winning team of a sailing regatta. The boat that wins is the one that accumulates less points in the sleeves, that is, in the tests held previously.

    Score for points: It is assigned according to the order of arrival. The boat that arrives in first position will get one point, the second two points, and so on.

    Discard: Once all the tests are finished, each boat can eliminate its worst result in the competition.

    Normally, the number of sleeves in a race is nine, although some may have less or reach 15.
  • Navigation maneuvers performed in a sailing regatta
    The essence of navigation is based on knowing how to govern the boat where it is desired by making a good combination of wind, sails and rudder. Racing sailboats are prepared to maintain maximum navagation efficiency in all directions. Below, you can learn about some of the navigation maneuvers used in a sailing regatta.

    Turned forward : It consists of turning against the wind, putting the cane to leeward and changing the directional sails. In turn, the crew of the boat also change position.

    Turned in round: It resides in putting the cane to windward to change the band candles. As with the previous maneuver, the crew also change positions.

    Now that you know the necessary information about sailing regattas, do you dare to join to live the experience? In Sailwiz you can find sailing regattas throughout the year, as we update daily the activities offered to accommodate all the sports competitions scheduled by the different yacht clubs.
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