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Scuba travel and snorkeling holidays

Liveaboard diving holidays in various destinations
12 reviews
Scuba travel and snorkeling holidays
Experience scuba travel in exotic destinations. Enjoy a combination of life on board with diving in the most lively and colorful marine reserves. On these trips you will be able to explore the precious ocean depths with its surprising and beautiful inhabitants that lie below the surface.
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Denia, Alicante
From 7 Oct to 13 Oct
7 Oct
7 days
2 More information Reserve for 860€
Denia, Alicante
From 8 Oct to 12 Oct
8 Oct
5 days
0 More information No availability
Denia, Alicante
From 14 Oct to 20 Oct
14 Oct
7 days
0 More information No availability
Denia, Alicante
From 21 Oct to 27 Oct
21 Oct
7 days
2 More information Reserve for 990€
Denia, Alicante
From 28 Oct to 1 Nov
28 Oct
5 days
0 More information No availability
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Frequent questions
  • ⭐ ¿Qué son los viajes de buceo?
    Un viaje de buceo a bordo de un barco consiste en vivir la experiencia de navegar combinada con las actividades de inmmersión. 
    En una combinación de experiencia de vida a bordo con buceo podrás descubrir las reservas marinas más vivas y coloridas.
  • ✅ ¿Dónde puedo hacer un viaje de buceo?
    En Sailwiz encontrarás opciones de viajes de buceo en diferentes zonas de la costa, solo tendrás que buscar el lugar donde te gustaría realizar las inmersiones y seleccionar la embarcación que mejor se adapte a tus necesidades.
  • ➡️ ¿Cuál es el límite de profundida al que puedo bucear?
    El límite de profundidad para el buceo recreativo es de 130 pies (40 metros), mientras que los buceadores técnicos pueden ir más allá de 40 metros.
  • ✍ ¿Hay que planificar los viajes de buceo?
    Sí, requieren organización. Los buzos recreativos usan un RDP o un ordenador de buceo para planificar su inmersión, aunque los buzos técnicos tienen procedimientos de planificación mucho más rigurosos.
  • ✍ ¿Cómo puedo obtener la titulación de buceo?
    Será necesario completar un curso de capacitación para certificarse para bucear. Los buceadores recreativos pueden elegir especialidades, como la identificación de peces o el buceo en naufragios.
  • ⚡ ¿Cuánto cuesta un viaje de buceo?
    Los precios de un viaje de buceo varía en función del tipo de embarcación, la duración de la experiencia, el equipo de buceo que se vaya a utilizar y la época del año en la que vayas a realizar la inmmersión, ya que el precio puede aumentar en los meses de verano.
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If the current offer does not match your agenda, leave us your email and we will notify you of the next scheduled dates
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User reviews about Scuba travel and snorkeling holidays
Average grade
Magnificent trip, both Cristina and Jesús made everything perfect far beyond diving. To repeat.
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Magnificent plan to enjoy diving and the beaches of Ibiza and Formentera, incredible dives and a great deal, you will eat great and until you burst, great team very professional and above all human, do not think it will be the best vacation of your life
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Cristina and Jesús are two experienced and authentic sailors. Cristina is also a great diving instructor who knows the depths of the islands and infects you with her passion for the sea with maximum safety!
Very familiar treatment, they make you feel at home.
10 experience that I recommend 100%.
I will repeat without a doubt!
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A spectacular experience! Cristina and Jesús form a professional team with a great journey in the world of Sailing and Diving. They immediately make you feel part of their family, I felt very comfortable and safe throughout the trip. Fully recommended to any lover of the sea regardless of the level of diving you have.
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    If you like diving we suggest one of our diving holidays which are different because you will enjoy sailing as well. Travel where you will fully enjoy nature accompanied by experts in the world of diving.
  • What is the depth limit for diving?

    The depth limit for recreational diving is 130 feet (40 meters), according to the leading diving training agencies. To venture further and explore shipwrecks, caves and other sites beyond 40 meters, agencies require "technical" certifications. This precedent can be traced to the US Navy, which established the rule in the 1950s and still requires special permission from a commander for a diver to exceed this limit.
  • What is the difference between a technical diving trip and recreational diving trip?

    There are several differences between technical, "tec", diving and recreational, "rec", diving. Below are the influencing factors.
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