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  • General
    • What is Sailwiz?
      Sailwiz is a platform that puts boat owners and skippers in contact with people who want to sail.

      Our goal is to facilitate and promote nautical tourism where skippers, boat owners and maritime companies can share experiences, splitting the costs of sailing holidays through the booking of spots on a boat.

      In this way, boat owners will enjoy more days at sea and/or get some help for the maintenance of their boats. On the other hand, tourists without boats, with little experience or who simply want to venture into the world of sailing may do so in a much more accessible way.
    • Sign up for Sailwiz
      Signing up for Sailwiz is fast, simple and, of course, free.

      Click on "Sign up" at the top of the page. You can do so with your email or with your Facebook or Google account. Once you have signed up, you can communicate with skippers and book holidays!
    • What kinds of nautical activities can I find?
      On Sailwiz we have included the most common kinds of nautical activities: recreational, sailing, voyaging, fishing, diving, courses for learning… We are sure you will find the one that best suits your tastes, but if you cannot find what you're looking for, call or write to us and we will look for you.
    • What if an activity is canceled due to weather conditions?
      Safety at sea comes first! If the skipper believes that it is not safe to go out to sea due to the weather, the best thing to do is stay on land.

      If the activity you have booked is multiple days long, it is customary to do an activity, walk or explore ashore until the weather improves and you can return to sailing. When there is a modification of part of the activity's plan due to weather, there is no credit issued to the crew member.

      If the activity is only one day, a couple of hours or a weekend and it is not possible to go out on the water at any point, both skipper and crew members should agree on another date to have the activity. If the option to postpone the activity is impossible, Sailwiz will reimburse the user for the amount of the activity.
  • Crew members
    • How do I book on Sailwiz?
      The procedure for booking an activity is very simple:

      - Once you have found the activity that interests you, you can make a booking from the page by clicking on "Book your spot." You just have to select the desired date, the number of people that are going with you and input your card information. You can also request that Sailwiz do the payment by bank transfer.

      - Your booking will be accepted and automatically charged. The skipper will receive a notification by email and SMS and will have up to 48 hours to cancel if they have any objections. For the security of the crew members, the amount will be retained by Sailwiz until the activity is carried out.

      - You will receive a confirmation email, booking code and the skipper's contact information. The day of the activity, remember that you must provide the booking code to the skipper before going aboard.
    • Is it safe to pay through Sailwiz?
      On our website you can pay securely with your credit card using our virtual TPV.

      Sailwiz will hold your money from the time the booking is made until the day of the activity. Once you have done the activity and have provided the skipper with the booking code, we will send a transfer to the skipper on your behalf.
    • Is the advertised price for the activity final?
      At Sailwiz there is no fine print! All of the prices advertised are final for the activities on Sailwiz. In any case, if there is an optional offer in addition to the activity, you would have to pay the skipper in cash the day you cast off.

      We require the skippers to be transparent about the possible extra costs and inform users of them in the publication of the activity.

      Minimum price guaranteed. Sailwiz requires skippers to publish the guaranteed lowest price. If a skipper sells an activity at a lower price somewhere else, they are obligated to match it for the crew member at Sailwiz and skippers that repeat this practice will be removed from the platform.
    • Can I contact a skipper before booking?
      If you have questions or need more information about an activity, you can use Sailwiz's messaging system to privately contact a skipper. To use the messaging system you must be registered on our platform.

      The internal messaging of Sailwiz is supervised by the Sailwiz team to prevent incorrect use of the page, like the exchange of phone numbers, emails or any other means of communication that allows users to communicate and/or make bookings outside of Sailwiz.

      Sailwiz retains the comission charged to the skippers for each booking and reserves the right to cancel user accounts that are fraudulently using the platform to save these commissions for themselves. We want to create a community of boaters and an increasingly large offering of nautical activities. Help us to achieve this by responsibly using this service
    • Why can't I pay for an activity directly?
      The booking confirmation always depends on the final decision of the skipper.

      If for any reason a skipper cannot confirm the spot, they can cancel the booking up to 48 hours after it is requested. In the majority of cases this will not happen, but if it does, the skipper will notify you immediately. In any case, you can always communicate with the skipper or with Sailwiz before or after the booking to check on your spot.

      In the same way that you can review the profile and previous reviews of the skipper before deciding on an activity, the skipper can also view yours. It is also possible that, for the date you have requested for an activity, the skipper is unavailable, the boat is not operating or there is a foul weather advisory.
    • What happens if the skipper doesn't accept my booking?
      All bookings are accepted by default and there are practically no cancellations. If the skipper rejects your booking for whatever reason (he/she has 48 hours to do it) you will receive full reimbursement for the amount paid.
    • How do I cancel an activity that I have booked?
      To cancel an activity that you have booked, you must go to Personal space > Bookings > Cancel activity.
      Your booking will be canceled automatically and the skipper will be notified by email.

      The refund will be subject to Sailwiz's cancellation policy.
    • The skipper has canceled my booking, what now?
      It doesn't usually happen, but if a skipper cancels an activity that was scheduled with you, you will receive an email confirming the cancellation and a full refund of the amount you had paid.
    • And finally…
      Remember that you are a guest on board! The skipper is the person in charge on board and has the authority to decide to change the plan of activity or take appropriate action at any time for the safety of the crew and a good experience on board.

      Always be punctual, respect the other crew members and follow the rules and recommendations of the skipper. Enjoy the experience and don't forget to bring proper footwear and clothing!
  • Skippers
    • Can I trust the crew members who come on board?
      When a crew member wants to sail with you, they can send you a message with their booking request to introduce themselves. You can also see their public profile and the reviews that they have received for previous experiences.

      You have the last word. When you receive a booking, Sailwiz will notify you by email and SMS. You will have up to 48 hours to reject a booking if you have any objection to it.
    • What information will appear in each announcement that is published?
      When an activity is published, other users can see the following information:
      • General description, all of the information related to the proposed activity.
      • Date or dates of the trip and available spots for each one.
      • Description of the boat, technical information and photos.
      • Public profile of the skipper and of the crew members that have booked the activity.
    • Does it cost anything to publish activities on Sailwiz?
      Publishing your sailing holidays on Sailwiz is completely free. Just know that, when you receive the transfer for the holiday that you have carried out, a corresponding charge will have been applied for a 20% commission, plus applicable taxes, for the intermediation of the booking, management costs and platform maintenance.

      The commission is always calculated from the retail price paid by the crew member on Sailwiz.
    • What price should I charge for my activity?
      The price is up to you. The price should be consistent with the characteristics of the boat, fuel, and hours of activity. In the price, it is recommended to include all of the costs of the boat, equipment, moorings, fuel, fees and skipper. For the security of the crew members, it is not recommended to charge extra fees once on board.

      In any case, the skipper may charge an additional fee to the crew members on board for the money pooled for meals and drinks as well as for the optional expenses of crew members (for example, when an experience has the option to sleep on board or not, the cost can be charged on board, provided it is an optional cost for the user).

      In the case of activities where you come into a port which was not originally part of the plan or known before the activity, the skipper can charge an extra mooring cost.

      If you are going to put an extra expense, it is fundamental to make it very clear in the text of the activity to avoid confusion.
    • What is the maximum price I can charge?
      There is no maximum price. However, if at Sailwiz we observe that the price does not suit the activity, we may advise you to modify it so you have more bookings in the future.

      Skippers are required to match the minimum price of the activity. It is not permitted to sell on Sailwiz at a higher price than on other channels or by direct sale.
    • What is the minimum price I can charge?
      The minimum price to publish an activity on Sailwiz is 5 €. If you wish to promote a free or open activity, contact Sailwiz to publish it.
    • What is the procedure for accepting a booking request?
      Bookings are automatically accepted. When a crew member has made a booking for an activity, you will receive a notification by email and SMS.

      You have a maximum of 48 hours to accept or deny the request. If this time expires, it will count as a firm booking. Both parties will receive an email with the booking details and contact information to finalize details for the day of departure.

      In the personal area of ​​your profile, you will see the contact information and phone numbers of the crew members who have booked with you.
    • How and when are the payments made?
      Sailwiz withholds payment received from the user as a security measure, from the time of booking confirmation until the activity has begun. On the day of the activity, you must make sure that the user gives you their booking code, which you will then need to enter into your personal area so we can complete the transaction.

      We perform transfers on Mondays (or the first working day of the week if Monday is a holiday). Transfers are made for the value of all the codes entered, so don't forget to get them so you can receive the full payment.

      It is important to keep the bank information on your profile updated. Remember that you will receive the equivalent amount to the price of the activity related with each code, minus the commission for Sailwiz. You will receive an invoice for the Sailwiz commission in your email.
    • What commission does Sailwiz apply?
      The commission is 20% plus applicable taxes of the amount of each booking processed. Once published, the price on the site for each activity is final, and therefore the client does not receive any additional charge, except the extra expenses that have been clearly specified for the activity.

      The commission is applied when the money is transferred to the skipper.
    • What if a user cancels the booking?
      In the event that a user cancels the booking, it will be subject to the Sailwiz's cancellation policy.

      Depending on the amount of time in advance with which the crew member has canceled the activity, the skipper may be entitled to receive part of the booking amount.
  • Account Settings
    • Why is it important to complete my profile?
      Sailwiz is based on a relationship of trust between users, so it is very important for other crew members and skippers to have complete information about who you are.

      A good public profile should include your real name, a photo where you can see who you are and a short biography or personal description.
    • What information is essential for my profile?
      In order to book or publish activities, it is important to at least include your name, phone number, and email address. Once a booking is confirmed, we will send this information to the skipper or crew members so that they can finalize the details of the activity with you.
    • How can I modify my profile?
      Modify your personal information whenever you want by going to Profile > Edit profile.

      It's important to have a complete profile so that skippers and others that you will be sailing with know something about you before embarking.
    • I forgot my password. How do I reset it?
      You can easily restore through the same section of logging in.

      You just have to enter the email account that you have associated with Sailwiz and we will send you an email so you can enter a new password.

      If you continue to have problems, do not hesitate to write or call us.
  • Reviews and verifications
    • What is the public profile and who can see it?
      The public profile is a page that shows your name, photo, biography and reviews received from other users for previous experiences. It also shows if you have verified your email, phone number and Facebook profile (without showing them).

      - If you are a crew member, the skipper you have sent a booking request to and the users interested in signing up for an activity that you have already booked can see your public profile.

      - If you are a skipper and have published a nautical activity, your profile will be visible for all users as long as you have an activity published.
    • How does the review system work?
      Having good reviews is your best introduction! After each activity you will receive a reminder to review and rate your experience with the skipper/ crew member. You can write a brief review and give them a score in stars. The review will only be published when the other person has also written you a review.

      The reviews that you receive will accumulate in your public profile and will be visible when you publish an activity or when you send a booking request to a skipper.

      You cannot delete or modify any reviews. If we receive complaints concerning bad language in the published reviews, we reserve the right to modify or delete them.
    • Why are the reviews so important?
      The reviews are very important to the user community. Using these, the skipper decides to accept you to come sail on their boat and other crew members decide to sail with you.

      If you are new to the platform and do not have any previous reviews, you can send a message of introduction to the skipper when you complete the booking request.
    • Email, phone and Facebook verification
      If your public profile information is verified, it will make other users who want to sail with you more comfortable and confident.
      It is not required, but is highly recommended and it only takes a couple of steps to confirm this information.
    • How do I verify my phone number?
      To verify your phone number, you must have registered the number in your personal profile. Go to the section in your profile for Verifications and click on the button to verify your phone. In a moment we will send you a free SMS with a PIN that you must enter into the site.

      It is important that you include your phone number so skippers can communicate directly with you when you book with them.
    • How do I verify my Facebook?
      Verifying your Facebook account has various advantages. When you log in to Sailwiz, you can do so with only a click to Connect with Facebook

      Having your Facebook verified and showing how many friends you have also reassures other users, but your account is never displayed.
  • Contact
    • How do I contact Sailwiz?
      The Sailwiz team is available whenever you need it. If you need help you can call us, send us a whatsapp or write to us through the contact section, web chat or email

      We will respond to your request as soon as possible!
    • For what reason would I contact you?
      If you have technical problems with your account, do not understand something about the operation of Sailwiz, have a problem with a user or have questions regarding a booking, Sailwiz will be available to help you find a solution.

      We are also open to suggestions, proposals, and opinions... We highly appreciate this kind of feedback, so don't hold back!
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