Sailing the Caribbean

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Go sailing in the Caribbean for your next holiday. Bask in the sun on board as the boat cuts through the clearest blue waters, take a dip when you please and spend some time exploring on shore. Choose the part of the Caribbean you wish to explore and enjoy a holiday in paradise.
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  • Why go on a Caribbean sailing holiday?

    Caribbean travel entails completely disconnecting from the accelerated pace we are used to every day. In this region there is no rush and the locals here are cheerful, happy and carefree.
    The Caribbean is a favorite destination for many people, both because of the desirable environment and warm weather as well as the warm welcome of the local people.

    For a holiday in the Caribbean aboard a sailboat or a catamaran, the experience is truly unique, as this arrangement allows you to visit extraordinary places and enjoy the sea, the sun and the breeze at all times.
  • When is the best time to travel around the Caribbean aboard a sailboat?

    The best time to sail in the Caribbean is between December and May, at which time the weather is somewhat cooler (especially in the north), drier and less humid. It is also the time that European tourists flock to the Caribbean paradise to escape winter in their home countries.
    The best months are December and January, when the trade winds are much more established.
  • Flora and Fauna you will see in the Caribbean aboard a sailboat

    In the Caribbean, there are 38 recognized locations where you can dive to observe marine life, areas with underwater lava flows, black sand, large strands of black coral, summits of underwater mountains, thousands of fish, etc.
    The biodiversity of the Caribbean coast is unique and offers a lively spectacle full of color for lovers of nature.
  • Why travel the Caribbean on a sailboat or catamaran?
    Exploring the Caribbean islands aboard a sailboat or catamaran is an excellent idea if you want to enjoy nature in its purest form. You can reach the nooks most hidden from the world and the speed ​​of the boats allows a peaceful itinerary so you can soak up the stunning and pristine bays and coves.
  • How do I book a Caribbean sailing holiday?
    On Sailwiz we make it easy for you to book your dream vacation in the Caribbean. You simply have to enter into the activity that interests you, ask the skipper any questions you may have and book through the website. Once the booking is complete, you will receive a confirmation email.
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