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Mallorca holidays

Discover Mallorca by boat
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Trip to Mallorca by boat
Would you like to sail on Mallorca? Now is the time! Get to know the coast of the Majorcan island, characterized by its great beauty, and enjoy the activities that can be done on the island, as well as relax on its beautiful beaches and coves. Next, Sailwiz offers you a series of plans to navigate Mallorca and enjoy an enriching experience that you can share with other crew.
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Sail a week in Mallorca
From 20 Aug to 27 Aug
20 Aug
8 days
0 More information No availability
Sailing boat Mallorca - Ibiza - Denia
From 21 Aug to 28 Aug
21 Aug
8 days
6 More information Reserve for 850€
Scale and sail in Mallorca aboard a large sailboat
From 27 Aug to 3 Sep
27 Aug
8 days
0 More information No availability
Sail a week in Mallorca
From 27 Aug to 3 Sep
27 Aug
8 days
0 More information No availability
Scale and sail in Mallorca aboard a large sailboat
From 3 Sep to 10 Sep
3 Sep
8 days
8 More information Reserve for 750€
Sailboat tour of Mallorca for 7 days.
From 8 Jul to 15 Jul (2023)
8 Jul
8 days
4 More information Reserve for 700€
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Frequent questions
  • ⭐ Why travel to Mallorca?
    Traveling to Mallorca is the best option to relax and get away from the routine. In addition, you will be able to new places and people aboard a beautiful sailboat and perform activities on board and on land.
  • ✍ How can I book a boat trip in Mallorca?
    You have to enter the activity that interests you, consult with the skipper all the doubts that may arise and reserve through the web after payment. Once the reservation is completed, you will receive the confirmation in your email.
  • ✅ Why visit Mallorca by boat?
    Preparing your trip to Mallorca on board a boat is the best option to enjoy nature and discover hidden places that, if it were not thanks to the boat, would be impossible to access.
  • ⚡ How much does a sailing trip in Mallorca cost?
    The prices of boat holidays in Mallorca vary depending on the type of boat, the duration of the experience and the time of year in which you want to sail.
  • ➡️ What destinations can I visit during my holidays in Mallorca?
    The areas most frequented by sailors are the coves and beaches with crystal clear waters of the Balearic capital, as well as the neighboring islands, such as Ibiza, Formentera and Menorca.
  • ⌚ How long are the sailing holidays in Mallorca?
    The duration of sailing trips in Mallorca depends on each experience. The most common is to find weekend plans, although there are also more and fewer days.
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  • Holidays in Mallorca

    1. Where is Mallorca located?

    Mallorca is in the Mediterranean sea and belongs to the archipelago of the
    Balearic Islands, being its capital for being the largest island. It has 80 kilometers of distance from one end to the other, approximately, and in it we can find more than 200 beaches (between beaches and coves) of all kinds, which stand out for their diversity, the beauty of its turquoise and crystalline waters and the large number of activities that can be done for all tastes.

    2. Why is Mallorca famous?

    The island of Mallorca is known for its white sand beaches, bays with hidden coves, its turquoise and transparent waters, its gastronomy and the different plans to enjoy, such as excursions to the towns that make it up or to its wonderful capital.

    3. When to go to Mallorca?

    Mallorca is a destination that you can visit practically during the twelve months of the year, like the rest of the Balearic Islands, such as
    Menorca, Ibiza or Formentera. The predominant climate is Mediterranean, making it mild and mild throughout the year, with hot summers and warm winters, and little rainfall.

    4. What to visit in Mallorca?

    The sailings that we offer in Sailwiz are unique and different, since each skipper decides and publishes in advance what the route to follow will be, although they usually accept the proposals of the crew whenever possible, such as
    visiting Ibiza or Formentera. Some of the most popular destinations on the island are:

    Pollensa bay: It is a small bay that has numerous coves close to each other, such as Es Calo, Cala Murta, coves of Cabo Pinar. There you will find beautiful views of the Sierra de Tramuntana, the Cape of Fomentor and the Victoria peninsula.

    East coast of Mallorca: A unique place to enjoy its views from a sailboat and dazzle yourself with its small coves of turquoise waters with cliffs.

    Bahía de Palma: An essential visit is the Cap Enderrocat area, characterized by its impressive cliffs.

    Llevant Natural Park: A beautiful place with many virgin beaches, although difficult to access from land.
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