Sailing holidays in Menorca

Sailing holidays to Menorca
Discovering Menorca by sailboat is a unique experience, in which you can navigate corners that are only accessible by boat. Discover with Sailwiz the least tourist island of the archipelago and enjoy the enormous offer that this beautiful island offers, from its paradisiacal beaches and coves, its visits to monuments and towns that make it up to its gastronomy.
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  • Sailing on Menorca

    Menorca is the second largest island in the Balearic archipelago, after Mallorca. It stands out for its white sand beaches and coves, its turquoise and crystalline waters, the pine forests that practically reach the water and the tranquility of an island that is not very touristy. Its most virgin landscapes offer an unbeatable location for practicing water activities, such as diving.
  • What beaches and coves to see on your trip to Menorca by boat?

    The island of Menorca has the largest port in the Mediterranean Sea, characterized by its peculiar geography, uniqueness and beauty. It is called Mahón and has a length of more than 6 kilometers. Below, at Sailwiz we have prepared a list of the main coves and beaches that are recommended to visit on board a boat:
    • Macarelleta
    • Macarella
    • Cala Morell
    • Cala Turquesa
    • Calas Covas
    • Cova dels Pardals
    • Cales Piques
    • Cala Bruc
    • Cala Forcat
    • Cala Blanca
    • Cala en Bosh
    • Cala Blanes
    • Cala Santandria
    • Cala des Frares
    • Cala Bruc
  • When to visit Menorca?

    Menorca has a Mediterranean climate, like the rest of the Balearic Islands, so summers are usually hot and dry, while winters are milder. In addition, the Balearic archipelago is characterized by the large number of hours of sunshine it has per year.

    At Sailwiz we recommend traveling to Menorca from May to September, since they are the best months to enjoy the sun on the island aboard a sailboat.
  • What areas to visit on your boat holiday in Menorca?
    Traveling to Menorca by sailboat is a true reflection of the ideal vacation; enjoy the turquoise colors in the south of the island, the golden tones in the north, the tranquility of the deserted coves... In Menorca we can find quiet areas to anchor that will give us a unique feeling of freedom.

    The northern area has rugged reliefs and the terrain is made of darker rock. In general, they are areas of difficult access and less presence, so it is an ideal place to visit by sailboat. On the other hand, in the southern area, the landscape is more regular, with more vegetation. Still, both parts of Menorca have a highly preserved biodiversity, both land and sea, so it will be an ideal trip for nature lovers too.
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