Balearic Islands holidays by boat

Sailing holidays in the Balearic Islands
Experience a Balearic Islands holiday on board a boat. The Balearic Islands are a true Mediterranean paradise for nautical tourism. Here we have selected the best experiences in these islands so you can enjoy the sun, the sea and the culture of the Balearics to the fullest.
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What are holidays like in the Balearic Islands?

With our sailing holidays around the Balearic Islands, we offer one of the most valuable natural paradises in Spain, off the clock where you will enjoy the sea, sun, sky, stars and places only a lucky few have seen. Join to be one of them!

You will have a unique vacation and, above all, you will relax, letting go of the noise and rush, allowing you to experience new discoveries and feelings of peace. Being lost at sea to the rhythm of a sailboat is one of the best choices for your next vacation.

How many days do sailing holidays last?

The duration of sailing holidays depends on each experience. For activities that go to the Balearic Islands, it is common to find plans for a week, but there are also trips of longer or shorter duration. These activities have a route set by the skipper in advance and may include visits to other islands in the archipelago.

Spending several days aboard a sailboat normally implies an experience covering a period of one week. Normally, there is an itinerary selected by the skipper where you will visit different coves or even different Balearic Islands (Ibiza and Formentera, Mallorca, Menorca ) but if you wish to visit a nearby cove you can check with your skipper.

What is life like aboard a sailboat?

During the trip you will navigate by sail and motor, anchoring is untouched coves to enjoy their beauty and tranquility. Every experience has different plans, spending more time visiting places on land, diving, sailing, etc.
The boats are equipped with sleeping cabins and most meals are eaten on board, on deck. Meals are usually organized as a joint purchase of provisions for the trip before departing.

What dates are scheduled for sailing holidays?

Within each experience you will find the scheduled dates. Some skippers have several options available. If the skipper does not have defined dates, you can contact them and ask about their next departures.

What are the destinations for sailing trips around the Balearic Islands?

Plans to sail around the Balearic Islands include routes through several islands ( Ibiza and Formentera, Mallorca, Menorca, voyage from Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Alicante, etc.) Each experience details the route, so there is no confusion.

How I can book my sailing holiday?

First you must be registered as a user. Once registered, book your spot by making your payment by credit card or bank transfer. The skipper will receive an email notifying them of the booking and detailing the crew member's information.
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