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Sailing trips for singles. The best vacation of your life!

  • Alvaro G
By Álvaro García
23 February, 2020
Can you imagine being aboard a sailboat in a cove of crystalline waters, along with a group of new friends, watching a sunset and preparing for dinner and going out at night in town inland? If this excites you, a sailboat trip with a group of crew members with your same interests, may be the plan for the best vacation of your life.
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  • What types of boat trips exist?
  • How old are people who sign up for single boat trips?
  • If I am travelling alone, will there be more people traveling alone in my group?
  • What if I don't connect with the rest of the people?
  • Is it a trip to find a partner?
  • How is the coexistence on board?

What types of boat trips exist?

There are several possibilities for trips for singles by boat or sailboat . If you travel alone, or with a friend, and are looking for a group of singles to join, the ideal trip is to join a flotilla. The fleets consist of a group of several ships that make the same route sailing. In each boat they usually have between 6 and 8 people, but most of the time the boats come together to enjoy a anchored cove or to do an activity on land, visit the area, go out to dinner, etc ...
Flotilla for singles
Flotilla for singles

Another option is to join any of the sailing plans organized by the skippers on Sailwiz by consulting the profile and interests of the crew. The vast majority of users who reserve a place on a Sailwiz plan travel alone and it is very common to find groups of single people in some plans.

Finally, if in your case you are several singles who are looking for a plan to travel together, you can book directly one of the plans to sail or join with other users to enlarge your group with new people.

How old are people who sign up for single boat trips?

Through Sailwiz you can consult the participants who have registered for a trip, for both their ages, and the number of men and women who have reserved their place. Sometimes this information is not available on the page, for which, it is best to contact the skipper or the trip coordinator, which is possible through this website.

If I am travelling alone, will there be more people traveling alone in my group?

The vast majority of those who sign up for trips for singles travel alone . There are some cases where a couple of friends join a trip for singles together, but it is not usual. In any case, if you have doubts in case you will be the only one to go alone, don't worry! Most others will be in your same situation.
Travel alone
Travel alone

What if I don't connect with the rest of the people?

Spending a few days sailing with strangers can generate certain doubts, like what happens if you don't connect with the rest of the group? It is normal to have these doubts at the beginning, and possibly all participants, to a greater or lesser extent, ask the same question.

The good thing is that the predisposition of people in these situations is usually that they are open to others. In addition, the common link of all participants is that they want to meet new people. Skippers often try to create an environment on board that makes it easier for people to get to know each other, encouraging them to participate in on-board tasks, both with maneuvering and preparing meals. On the other hand, moments of rest, walks, and activities on land are also a good and simple time to connect with the rest.

Is it a trip to find a partner?

Trips for singles are designed for people, usually without a partner, who do not know each other before. They are trips for those who want to spend a few days enjoying a different, joyful and fun holiday, sailing and anchoring in beautiful coves and enjoying the sun and the sea. Couples are often formed during the trip, but the main objective of the trip is not that, it is to meet new people with whom you share tastes, such as sailing, and enjoying your company while you live all this experience.

What is certain is that you will make new friends and that you will probably plan again to make other trips or other activities with your new friends.

How is the coexistence on board?

A sailboat trip involves sharing a small space for several days. The boats that are used for this type of crossing usually have between 12 and 16 meters in length, which allows 6 to 8 crew members to board. Keep in mind that crew is including the professional skipper who directs and is responsible for the boat and for organizing the route.

Having a skipper on board does not mean that s/he takes care of everything. In most cases, crew members are usually expected to participate in on-board tasks such as cooking, organizing the shared space, maintaining order, etc ... For those who want to participate in sailing maneuvers, skippers are usually delighted to teach your crew to sail the boat.

Life on board involves time sunbathing, talking, napping on the deck, playing games with the crew of the boat and the rest of the boats when it comes to a flotilla ... and of course, activities on land: excursions, walks along the beach, lunch at a beach bar or dinner and a wine night with new friends.
  • Alvaro G
    Álvaro García
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