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  • volvemos a navegar
    The Director General of the Merchant Marine describes the de-escalation in recreational and sports boating at the request of a clarification from the National Association of Nautical Companies. We detail the types of sailing that can be carried out in each phase.
    • Alvaro G
    By Álvaro García
    1 May, 2020
  • vuelta a navegar
    According to the "Plan for the transition to a new normal", published by the Spanish government, recreational boaters begin to see the light on the possibilities of sailing again in Spain from June 9. At Sailwiz we have analyzed the de-escalation plan to explore this possibility.
    • Alvaro G
    By Álvaro García
    30 April, 2020
  • barcostop
    Paula Gonzalvo is an example of inspiration for those who want to make a change in their lives. At the age of 26, she left what ordinary people classify "everyday life", to set sail from the Canary Islands, heading to America. Paula tells us her story, what is the Barcostop and what are her projects.
    • Alvaro G
    By Álvaro García
    26 April, 2020
  • WeFish - App de pesca
    This free WeFish app is going strong; in it you will find the necessary tools to plan next fishing trips, share catches and even value those of other fishermen! We tell you how this app works.
    13 March, 2020
  • AdobeStock_37585529
    If you are thinking of participating in a regatta, it is important that you first know the main flags of the International Code of Signals (CIS) that are used by both the boat of the Regatta Committee and the markers of this competition. Sailwiz offers you a guide to know how to interpret all types of calls.
    19 February, 2020
  • tall ship
    Do you know what a tall ship is ? Learn all about these great sailboats, how it is to make a trip on one of them, what types of trips are usually offered and what advantages they have compared to other boats. In this post you will know everything you need to choose the option that best suits you and enjoy the Tall Ship thanks to Sailwiz.
    • Laura Cárdenas
    By Laura Cárdenas
    16 January, 2020
  • tall-ship-sailing
    If you have ever found yourself in a city with a long history and tradition of sailing or fishing, you have probably seen at least one large sailing ship in the harbor. It is possible to make different types of crossings in many of these beautiful boats, from luxury vacations to sailing practices as a member of the crew.
    By Julia Boll
    29 May, 2019
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