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Water sports to do this summer

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By Jose Luis Macia
15 June, 2022
If you are a lover of adrenaline and navigation, you cannot miss the opportunity to jump into the water and do some of the most popular and fun water sports.
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  • Benefits of practicing water sports in summer
  • Subwing
  • Paddle surfing
  • Snorkeling
  • Water skiing

Benefits of practicing water sports in summer

Physical exercise: With the intensity of some sports and the resistance offered by the water, it's no wonder that water sports are a great way to exercise and stay fit while on vacation. Some of them even require some prior physical preparation, ideal for those who already have an active lifestyle!
Mental health: playing sports, being in contact with water and nature and being away from everyday life help us maintain our well-being. In addition, the practice of physical exercise stimulates the release of endorphins, which helps us reduce stress levels and increase animation and the desire to enjoy the holidays.
Good times with family or friends: planning a boat trip is fun in itself! But renting a boat, for example, and planning an afternoon of wakeboarding with friends is absolutely unforgettable. Spend amazing moments with the people you love, share unique moments while practicing water sports, and have fun like never before!
Discovering new places: it does not matter if you are already familiar with your destination, or if you already know everything there is to see there, when renting a boat and going out to practice water sports, you will undoubtedly discover new places, coves, beaches or islands. Some sports require a specific area, away from bathers, for example, or near coral reefs, dedicated spots that you might not otherwise know about. Be sure to ask the owner, he will surely be able to recommend the best places!


The Subwing gives us the chance to get to know the ocean and its seabed, as well as the fauna, in a way that you could not have imagined before. Although it is a little known sport, it is becoming one of the most popular in the Mediterranean, and this activity is a mix between water skiing and freediving . You just have to grab onto a platform, which simulates being wings, while being dragged by a boat.

The best thing is that you decide the pace yourself , choosing between a speed of 2/3 knots and quietly enjoying an underwater ride , or on the contrary, increase the speed and make different turns and movements of the angle of the wings, which will increase your adrenaline to the max.

The necessary equipment to practice this sport is a rope , a diving mask or goggles, wings and of course, rent a boat that allows us to enjoy this new but exciting sport.

Paddle surfing

A classic, focused on lovers of the most relaxed sport, which will allow you to connect first-hand with nature and have a much closer view of coves, rock formations and caves where it is not possible to approach with a boat.

Also known as Stand up paddle, it consists of moving through the water, on top of a board while using a paddle or paddle to generate movement. In its Polynesian origins, the tribes used it to go fishing, taking advantage of its shallow draft so as not to scare away the local fish.

For this water sport, good balance and strength in the arms are required, making paddle surfing a very complete activity to keep fit while having fun, forget the daily stress while admiring a dreamlike sunset and release the endorphins necessary to feel happiness and relax.

paddle surfing in Ibiza
paddle surfing in Ibiza

The necessary material to practice this sport consists of a board and a paddle to push us. It is very important to correctly calculate the length of the oar, and for this, we will extend the arms vertically, as much as possible, we will support the oar at the other end of the blade and we will place it parallel to the arm. The knob should be approximately at the height of the wrist, so that it has an optimal measure and we do not tire ourselves by exerting too much force.

The feeling of freedom, natural connection and freshness of the sea will make paddle surfing one of your new favorite sports.


If you are a curious person interested in nature, and you are also looking for a relaxing and easy activity , there is nothing better than snorkeling .

Putting on your diving goggles, the tube and diving into the sea, to enjoy a different landscape, is already more than enough reason to rent a boat this summer and practice snorkeling, but you will also be able to discover the great unique biodiversity of the seabed, paradisiacal beaches and islands with crystal clear waters and all while you relax and observe the underwater life and ecosystem .

Easier sport than diving, you will only need a diving mask or goggles, breathing tube and fins to go as fast as possible and not lose sight of the magnificent marine specimens that you will find, for example, in Ibiza and Formentera.

From the surface you can see different species of fish, sea turtles and underwater vegetation. All this accompanied by your friends or family, since snorkeling is a sport that does not require previous experience or knowledge.

Water skiing

The most traditional and fun water sport that you can practice with both one and two boards. In the first case, the remaining foot will be placed just behind the main one that serves as support, as if it were a scooter. If you decide to practice it with two boards, each foot will be placed parallel to the other, keeping your balance while the boat drags you.

Unlike wakeboarding, where a larger board is used, water skiing requires more concentration and balance, as well as strength to hold the tether hooking to the boat.

For beginners, it is recommended to try calmer and more closed waters, such as the reservoirs in the center of the peninsula , while the more experienced may prefer the ocean, since the waves and winds help with maneuvers!
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    Jose Luis Macia
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