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Are you a lover of fishing? We bring you a novelty for your boat fishing trips

13 March, 2020
You are about to have an unforgettable experience, share unique moments with experienced sailors, all while learning new fishing techniques and enjoying incredible views. Are you ready?

Before embarking on this adventure, we recommend that you prepare in advance to enjoy your experience with Sailwiz to the fullest. It is here where your path to become an advanced fisherman begins, so it is ideal to be ready before sailing. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:
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  • 1. Learn more about your environment
  • 2. Do I have the right equipment?
  • 3. Record your experience!

1. Learn more about your environment

Not all destinations are the same, so it is important to investigate before arriving. How will the weather be? What will be the water temperature? The wind conditions? How does this affect my fishing? More importantly, certain conditions attract different types of fish, so it is necessary to be informed and know what types of species you can find.

2. Do I have the right equipment?

Once you are informed of how your environment is going to be, you should prepare the right equipment. Your host on this adventure with Sailwiz can help you and, in some cases, provide the equipment you need. However, it is better that you are familiar ahead of time, with the equipment you will possibly need and will have at your disposal. Do I have the right fishing rod? What types of lures are more appropriate for the species in the area?
Knowing all of these details will not only help you become a better fisherman, but will also help you improve your technique for your next trips!

Fishing equipment WeFish
Fishing equipment WeFish

3. Record your experience!

You are almost ready to start your journey, but you need something essential to make your experience not only unforgettable, but also of great benefit: WeFish.
With the WeFish app you can not only start planning the trip before your departure, but also start your own fishing diary, take note of each catch and see your progress. You will be able to share your experience and photos of your catches with a large community of fishermen, discover new species, places to fish and learn from others. But the best thing is, that the app keeps the location of your captures totally private!

In addition, it also has a marketplace, where you can acquire new equipment as you gain experience.
With WeFish you can do all of these things, that will allow you to enjoy even more your fishing experience. Join the WeFish community and discover a new way to explore this unique sport.

As a Sailwiz customer you can unlock the premium version of WeFish for FREE to use for three months.

Download WeFish, start sharing catches, your fishing stories, learn from other fishermen around the world and enjoy the latest news on their blog.

Fishing info
Fishing info
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