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Escuela de Navegación Aperca | Best deals to learn to sail
Sailwiz brings you the best deals for maritime courses at Escuela de Navegación Aperca
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  • Aperca por el Mar. Navigation School in Cádiz

    Aperca por el Mar is a nautical academy based in Cádiz and Badajoz. Its main function is to teach its clients to navigate through the courses and practices for nautical qualifications that it offers and that you can book through Sailwiz. It also participates in several sailing events and has a fleet of boats that you can rent.
  • Services offered by Aperca by the Sea

    - Sailboat rental for half a day in Cádiz. If you want to sail with your group, you can rent this sailboat to enjoy a few hours of sailing through the Atlantic waters that bathe the province of Cádiz.

    - Practices for sailing training in Cádiz. This 16-hour practice will give you the opportunity to govern sailing vessels if you already have the PNB, PER, Yacht Skipper or Yacht Captain qualification. You only need to do it once and it will be worth it for the rest of the titles, so it is a great opportunity to book in Sailwiz with a guaranteed minimum price.

    - Practices Navigation and PER security in Cádiz. Mandatory 16-hour practice to obtain the title of Recreational Boat Pattern (PER). Perform it in an approved official school and with the payment guarantee offered by Sailwiz.

    - Theoretical course of PER in Cádiz. Acquire the fundamental concepts to pass the Recreation Pattern exam with this theoretical course taught by the best nautical professionals.

    - Navigation and PNB security practices in Cádiz. To get the title of Basic Navigation Pattern (GNP) you need to perform this 8-hour practice.

    - Sailboat rental in the Bay of Cádiz. Enjoy a full day sailing through the seas of Cádiz by booking in Sailwiz, and exclusively, this comfortable sailboat so that you and yours can make a customized nautical plan.

    - Navigation License (Old Titulín) in Cádiz. Reserve your place in Sailwiz to take this 6-hour course (without exam) with which you will obtain a license to govern boats of up to 6m in length and at a distance of 2 miles from the coast, during the day.

    - PER Radio Practices (ROCA Course) in Cádiz. Short-Range Radio Operator Course of 12 hours necessary for you to obtain the title of the Recreation Pattern. Also, if in the future you want to get a higher degree (Yacht Skipper or Yacht Captain), you will not need to do this practice again.

    - Practices of PNB Radio in Cádiz. In just 4 hours you can take this radio course, which is a must to be able to get the title of Basic Navigation Pattern (GNP).
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