Fisherman Sailor Course in Valencia (exam in Alicante)

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The coordinator: Josep, 35 years old
Obtain the title of Sailor Fisherman, to work or compete.

This course is given on a blended basis, making distance study compatible with attending the Valencia classroom if you wish.

Keep in mind that the agenda varies according to the Autonomous Community. We prepare you for the exam in Alicante of the Valencian Community.

Upcoming exam dates in 2020:
- July 14 (extraordinary call)
- September 30th
- December 9

- Be over 16 years old (if you are over 50 you also need a medical examination)
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1. Concept, knowledge and denomination of the different elements and equipment of the ship.
Ship definition, main dimensions, light description of its structure. Covers and warehouses. Work alive and work dead. Drafts Fixed and mobile elements. Bonnet: firm and work rigging. Anchors, grates, chains and cables. Operations with ends and wires: knots, gauze, ayustes and seams.

2. Government of the ship, watch and guard services.
Use of magnetic compasses and gyro. Orders to the helmsman. Duties of the lookout. Notions about the International Signal Regulation (acoustic signals, lights and other objects).

3. Loading and unloading operations.
Movement of weights on board. Embarkation, disembarkation and stowage: of fish, fishing gear and supplies and supplies.

4. Maneuvers of the ship in port.- Handling of winches and razors. Give and take off ties. Flaw ends and stakes. Encapillar and uncapillar ends and stakes in norays or bitas. Basic docking, undocking, anchoring and towing maneuvers. Common expressions used during maneuvers.

5. Handling and maintenance.
Ship maintenance: scratching and painting of superstructures. Management and maintenance of deck equipment (razors, cranes, pens, pulleys, chains / estopores ...)

6. Safety and health at fishing sites: Classes of fishing vessels, movement and acceleration hazards, slippery surfaces, fire hazards, use of personal protective means, sealing in fisheries, drainage ports and door closures and other openings

7. Handling and conservation of fishery and aquaculture products. Those who hold the Food Handler Certificate issued by the competent Autonomous Community will be exempted from this section, regarding handling

8. Protection of the marine environment and its resources.
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Additional information
The dates indicated are those of the official exams of Alicante, but you can register for the course at any time.

The exam consists of a theoretical part in which it is necessary to guess at least 35 of the 50 questions posed. Once you have passed this theoretical exam, you can take the practical exam in which you must complete five of the seven exercises proposed, obtaining a minimum grade of 5 points.
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Valencia, Spain
Levantine Coast
Meet Josep, the coordinator
35 years old · From Valencia, España
We prepare at a distance the aptitude test to obtain the title of Fisherman Sailor, both the theoretical and the practical part (the exam is face-to-face in Alicante)
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