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Enjoy a Flotilla Holiday in Greece through Rich Islands, Bays, and Mountains!

Port of departure: Lefkas, Grecia
794€ Per personFull boat
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Per person
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The coordinator: Dominik
7 reviews

During this Flotilla Sailing Holidays in Greece, we sail to visit the home of Odysseus: Ithaka. This sailing region of the central Ionian Sea is rich in islands, mountains, and bays. These hide the bluest water that we ever have seen. We expect to eat well, drink good wine and satisfy our wanderlust for a little adventure. The route is designed to show the best that this region has to offer: lonesome bays, little villages, towering cliffs and a few gems that we want to keep secret. Just like Odysseus we will sail and explore what is beyond the horizon.

Note: We are faithful to the true sailing spirit, therefore we plan exact stopovers together with the wind and the weather. Our trips are not a planned itinerary which is always the same. This means that the exact order of stopovers may be different from the one presented below, but definitely as interesting!

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Our starting point for sailing in Greece is Lefkas Marina. It can be easily reached with a taxi from nearby Aktion airport. Lefkas Marina is just next to the old city of Lefkas. On the check-in day, we meet the crew, provision the yacht and try to leave the port as soon as possible to reach nearby bay to spend the night anchored in a turquoise-watered bay. Let`s start our Flotilla Sailing Holidays in Greece!

Spartochori lies on the Meganissi Island which is intended with several natural harbors and numerous enclosed bays. Most of the bays are forested with olive and cypress trees. Upon our approach to Spartochori, we might pass by some villagers fishing out in their traditional wooden boats. The catch of the day is served in the Tavernas on the shore just next to the port. After a short hike, we reach the village of Spartochori where people still keep their slow pace of living and enjoy the Greek sun. This evening we spend unwinding, getting into the sailing mode and getting to know everyone from our flotilla.

On our way to Atokos island, we sail by many bays with beautiful blue water and green olive grows. Slowly making our way down south we approach Formikoula island where we have a lunch stop for swimming and enjoying the view of orange cliffs. The snorkeling set will be very useful here as the marine life is outstanding and in abundance.

Upon reaching Atokos island we moor our yachts next to each other to create a yacht raft. This way we spend the night, under psychedelic white cliffs. We are away from civilization, with our yachts creating a private space where we enjoy living. It`s an uninhabited island so this night is ours!

It seems to us that the Ionian Sea coast is full of cliffs as we pass the northern tip of Ithaka island on our cruise to Fiskardo. The cliffs (150m) are even higher than on Atokos island (30m). After a quick lunch, and of course a snorkeling session, we continue our sail to the tiny Fiskardo. Prepare for a few other yachties as Fiskardo is quite a popular destination for various Flotilla Sailing Holidays in Greece. In this village, we resupply our yachts, eat at the waterline Taverna, stroll around the city admiring beautiful blossoms hanging from balconies and rent scooters to explore Kefalonia island.

Our main destination of the scooter trip is the Myrtos beach. White warm sand and the bluest water you ever seen is enclosed by a steep slopes (400m). We spend here some time, swim, hike up to admire the sunset and scooter back to Fiskardo.

PS. If the weather allows we can also sail further than Fiskardo and anchor at Myrtos beach itself!

Sailing further south, along the eastern Kefalonia coast we pass numerous beautiful and remote bays. Some are so small that only one yacht fits in, some are a bit larger. Each yacht from our flotilla seeks a different bay to enjoy the peace and tranquility of sailing holidays. It has been only a few days since we sailed out but we already cannot imagine any other way of living. Yachts, friendly people, sun and good food. With this mood, we reach Ithaka island, the home of Odysseus

We raft our yachts again near the small, remote island of Ligia. There is a little stone quay on which only the yachts of our flotilla moor. We embark on a journey to count the stars, share food, stories and hopefully do some music and sing the night through. Remember to bring instruments!

Vathi is our stopover only for a short time. We arrive, stroll the city, have a quick coffee and an ice cream and leave to sail in Greece further. If your crew prefers you can also choose a lonesome bay to visit or another little village on the coast of Ithaka. Remember that you are always free to talk about your wishes towards the trip with your skipper! We organize Flotilla Sailing Holidays in Greece like it would be a trip with friends: always flexible and easy!

This bay is known for its outstanding tavernas. We can moor at the pier of a taverna for free if we decide to dine there. It is more than a fair deal. The fish and seafood come from the morning catch, the meats can`t be prepared with more love and the wine production tradition is a thousand years old. In this bay which is squeezed in between forested hills our taste buds explode from joy!
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Included in the price
  • Insurance
  • Professional skipper
  • Bed linens
Not included in the price
  • Costs of mooring and anchoring
  • Meals on board
  • Food and drink on land
  • Gas
  • Travel to the boat
  • Flights
Additional information
There is a cash pool of about 120€ per person per week that covers groceries, diesel fuel, taxis to visit Sicilian towns, food for the skipper. This can vary based on what you and your crew want to spend. This cost is to be paid on arrival to the boat.

The cabins are always shared (each cabin fits 2 people).

The first language of the skippers in English. Crew members may speak other languages, including Spanish, so keep that in mind when communicating with the rest of the crew.

There may be differences is regards to the size of the boat.

The boat model may also change depending on the number of people signed up for the trip. The boats that we sail are high quality and between 5 and 10 years old (build after 2008): Bavaria, Benetau, Sun Odyssey, Hanse... We always select boats with the best quality/ price relationship, 40 to 50 feet long.
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Lefkas, Grecia
Greek Islands
Meet Dominik, the coordinator
7 reviews
Engineer and Project Manager become manager of my passion. I have organized sailing adventures on the most fantastic coasts of Europe for more than three years. I gather people from all over the world to live unique experiences on board a sailboat. Please, write to me in English
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7 users have valued the coordinator
  • ---
    October 2018
    I usually fly solo when traveling, and it never occurred to me to sign up for a package tour. But I took a gamble here and they exceeded my expectations. They have somehow figured out how to get adults to buy into a sincere spirit of group adventure and camaraderie without it ever feeling forced. And obviously, the locations are beautiful, the other people are engaging, the sailing is fun (you'll grow in confidence throughout the week), and it's clear that the Dominick and his team really care about the experience they are creating. You can easily do this trip alone, with friends, or with your significant other. I'm sure I'll sail with them again.
  • ---
    August 2018
    Stop thinking about sailing with them... and just book it. You’ll love it!
    Your fellow crew members are a wonderful bunch – and we had the most laid-back skipper ever to roam the Med. The scenery is amazing and varied: you’ll moor-up in a port one night amongst super-yachts then drop anchor the following night in a nearly-deserted bay. You’ll learn so much if you’ve never sailed before, but it’s all really relaxed.
    I’m so glad I took the plunge – you will be too.
    Maybe see you out there one day soon...
  • Ruta en flotilla por las islas de Croacia
    August 2018
    Badly organized trip, old boat not prepared with equipment for the entire crew and unprofessional skipper (untrustworthy, drinking durin the sailing, etc.).
    It could have been an excellent week, it's a pity.
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