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Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can find the fishing trip for you here on Sailwiz. Enjoy exciting days at sea with a fishing rod in hand surrounded by other people with the same interests. Climb aboard and experience fishing with the help of professionals in the world of fishing!
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If you like fishing and don't have anyone to go fishing with or a boat to go on, Sailwiz gives you the best option to enjoy boat fishing since you can book a single spot and meet new people with the same love of fishing.

Where do you fish from a boat?

One of the categories that can be found on Sailwiz is boat fishing. Enthusiasts of this activity are in luck because they can find different plans to go fishing in several destinations.

The Spanish coast offers great opportunities for fishing from a boat and is noted for its beauty and variety of species and marine life. There are also great opportunities outside our borders, as there are exceptional locations for fishing trips in other countries.

Recommended fishing seasons vary mainly depending on the area, the technique and species.

How are fishing trips?

To get the most out of each day of fishing, we recommend counting on the expert opinion of skippers in each location. All fishing trips shown on the web have experts in carrying out the activity.
The catalog of experiences aims to meet the expectations of all users, both beginners and veteran fishermen.

- Introductory fishing trips: different techniques and methods of fishing from boats are taught, also enjoying the environment and navigation.

- Fishing trips for veterans: practice and enjoy the fishing trip, while learning new techniques and bearings for the area.

What types of fishing are there?

Boat fishing has different types depending on the target species, the depth at which it is carried out, the ecosystem and the tools used. We can see the following types of fishing.

- Deep-sea fishing: those that are done in remote marine waters off the coast. Normally species such as hake, anchovy or cod are caught.

- Coastal fishing: as the name suggests, it is a type of fishing that takes place near the coast. This type of fishing is directed toward predatory fish.

- High-depth fishing: those that are done at considerable depth. The target species here are groupers, moray eels, dentex, etc.

- Medium-depth fishing: method performed at less depth and closer to the coast.

What tools are used for fishing?

The type of fish determines the type of fishing tools to be used because fishing from a boat requires tools that are not necessary when fishing from shore.

As a general rule it is necessary to take into account the following principles:

- Fishing rods should be long and light, to facilitate the capture of prey once they have taken the bait.
- Reels should have a quick turn action, for the same reason as the previous point.
- In the case of baits, the most powerful when it comes to attracting fish are those that leave a trace or have a strong scent.
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