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Canary Islands holidays

Explore the Canary Islands (Spain) by sailboat
Visit the Canary Islands for a holiday at any time of year. The Canaries offers warm temperatures all year round as well as beautiful beaches and various islands to explore. Go on a Canary Islands holiday with friends and family or complete strangers that you will soon call friends.
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  • Where to go on vacation in the Canary Islands?

    If you are planning your vacation in the Canary Islands and do not know which island to choose, we will help you and you can even visit several places by boat in the Canary Islands. The best destinations for your holidays in the Canary Islands by boat are:

    1. Tenerife

    The island of Tenerife is the largest of all the Canary Islands. Tenerife stands out for having beaches of fine white sand. In addition, we can also see a good amount of vegetation. During your vacation in the Canary Islands aboard a sailboat, you can observe the great mountains, like the famous Teide mountain.

    Tenerife is the ideal island for sailors who love nature and who also seek to disconnect from day-to-day.

    2. Gran Canaria

    A mild climate throughout the year and the freedom to get on a boat to go through every corner and feel that you can make the most of these vacation days.

    The island is a Biosphere Reserve and the truth is that it has all the ballots to be. It is said to be a natural open-air museum and the culprits of this are the parks, reserves, landscapes, massifs, and ravines that completely cover it. If you love nature, these are the names you have to know: Tamadaba, Pilancones, Nublo, Doramas, Inagua, Maspalomas or Barranco Oscuro among many others.

    Sailwiz has the best boats so you can enjoy your holiday in the Canary Islands.
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