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Catamaran charter Ibiza

Catamaran charters in Ibiza
These vacations touch on Ibiza, so we recommend chartering a catamaran in Ibiza. We offer catamaran charters in Ibiza so you can travel around the entire island.
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  • If you are looking for a boat to discover the secret corners, the most spectacular coves, the most paradisiacal beaches and enjoy good weather, we suggest you go on a catamaran vacation in Ibiza .
  • Why rent a catamaran in Ibiza?

    Catamarans are more spacious and luminous than other types of boats. It is a great opportunity to spend a holiday in the Mediterranean in a private space enjoying the wonderful views offered by a catamaran sailing around Ibiza. Do you want to know some of its advantages?

    • They have more space than sailboats, so you can get more people on board.
    • Being larger they do not have the typical rocking, smoother movement and less feeling of dizziness.
    • They have more power and speed than a sailboat or other types of heavier boats.
    • They can accommodate a large number of passengers (10 seats or even more).

    What are you waiting for? Dare to rent a catamaran in Ibiza to enjoy a dream vacation in the Pitiusas with whoever you want.
  • What is the rental price of catamarans in Ibiza?

    The prices to rent any boat in Ibiza are usually high, since it is the most famous island in the Spanish Mediterranean. The final price will depend largely on the age of the catamaran, the services that are or are not included in the package, the capacity and, above all, the season in which the reservation is made. In the summer months, catamaran rentals in Ibiza go up a lot due to high demand, but being proactive and anticipating your vacation can also help.

    If you choose the option of renting a catamaran in Ibiza without a skipper, you must bear in mind that the person who is going to govern the catamaran must have the relevant nautical title in force according to its dimensions and the height of the coast in which it is going. to navigate

    In the event that you do not have any person with a nautical qualification to govern the catamaran or you simply prefer to relegate this responsibility to a professional, do not worry because Sailwiz has professional skippers to rent your catamaran in Ibiza. In this way, all the crew members can fully enjoy the holidays in Ibiza and only think about disconnecting.

    If you can't find an option that fits you among all those available on our website, don't worry. Contact us and we will find the perfect Ibiza catamaran for you.
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