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Catamaran Mallorca

Sail the best chartered catamarans in Mallorca
272 reviews
Catamaran excursions and cruises in Mallorca, enjoy sailing around the island on a beautiful catamaran.
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User reviews about Catamaran Mallorca
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An unforgettable experience I would repeat
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A fabulous experience, a great catamaran, comfortable, clean, a friendly captain and always ready for the crew to enjoy the trip. from the landscape .
definitely a 10
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Fully recommended, they have been very enjoyable and complete practices, life on board is very pleasant since it is a large, spacious and fully prepared boat. As for the professionals who make it possible to carry out the internships, say that they have thought of all the details. In my case, Simón was our Skipper, a very attentive person, he has constantly helped us, transmitting confidence, solving a sea of doubts that arose throughout the journey.
Without a doubt, I will count on María José and her team to carry out future practices and activities.
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We did the internships with Dani, who has taught me a lot, the Catamaran was new and super careful, only 4 students went, also the luck of our colleagues who seemed to have known each other forever, a cabin for each one with what we have Wonderful state, the school of 10, I recommend it 1000x1000
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We enjoyed the journey very much. Everything was adjusted to the scheduled schedule and Nicolás, who was the skipper, was very attentive and made the experience a great memory, relaxed and enjoyed. Thank you so much.
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great boat!! spectacular chapters!! a great experience to repeat as soon as possible
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  • Catamaran rental in Mallorca, is it a good option?

    Are you thinking of going on vacation to the Balearic Islands but you don't want just any vacation? You want the best vacation of your life! Well, renting a catamaran in Mallorca is a great option and we'll tell you why.
    • You will discover the most sheltered, secret and inaccessible corners of the island. In a private catamaran you have all the freedom to stop and anchor at the Majorcan beach or cove that you like the most. Take a dip, sunbathe, read on the deck... with privileged views of the Mediterranean Sea. You will discover places that are not possible to know on foot and you will have beaches practically only for you and your companions. A true luxury!
    • The catamaran offers a more comfortable stay than in other types of boat. It is a large capacity boat, with spacious and bright rooms that are difficult to find on a sailboat and a deck created to enjoy the sun to the fullest. In addition, they are very light boats so you will have less feeling of seasickness when sailing.
    • The rental of a catamaran in Mallorca, being one of the most crowded islands especially in summer, allows you to have an exclusive bathing area for you and your companions. Without waiting, without having to look for a hole in the sand, without getting up early... You can take a wonderful swim without rushing, without tourists, or practice some water sport, snorkel... without onlookers around you.
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