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Gifts for Los Reyes

We offer you gifts for very special Kings
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Gifts for Los Reyes
What to ask for Reyes? What to give? We give you some ideas to make original gifts.
  • Gifts for Los Reyes

    One of the most anticipated dates of the year is approaching, both for children and adults: Three Kings Day. It is a day of joy and celebration, but the previous days can be stress and uncertainty to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones.

    We often don't know what to give because the person we give away already has everything or we don't know all their tastes exactly. For these occasions, the gift of experiences may be the best option, since it is not a material gift and it is always pleasant to carry out new activities.
  • What do you want for Los Reyes?

    It can be difficult when someone asks what you would like for a gift, and you can´t think of anything in specific. This may be a good problem to have because we already have what we need. For these occasions, giving gifts of experiences is a great idea. We just have to think about what kind of experience we would like to try.

    In Sailwiz we offer nautical activities for all types of audiences, so if you have never tried this type of experience, or if on the contrary, you have already experienced and liked them, we suggest you choose one of the sailing plans that we have available.
  • What to give for Los Reyes?

    This is a great dilemma of today. Our proposal is to give experiences to enjoy time connecting with the sea and nature. We have some original gift ideas for young and old, men and women.
    • Navigation License Course.
    • Sail course.
    • Weekend getaway by sailboat.
    • Dive trips.
    • Boat fishing.
    • Participation in a regatta.
    • Basic Navigation Pattern Course.
    • Recreational Vessel Pattern Course.

    All our proposals invite you to approach the nautical world. In the case of being a beginner, we recommend activities that give the opportunity for people to experience their first contact with the sea in this regard. In the case of being a sailor with some experience or expert level, we invite the improvement and the acquisition of new knowledge and skills.
  • How to book my Reyes gift?
    The reservation of places in nautical activities in Sailwiz is simple. Once the activity you want to book is located, follow the instructions to make the payment. The forms of payment available are payment by credit or debit card and transfer. In the purchase process, the option to reserve one or more places appears. Once the reservation is finished, you will receive a confirmation in your email. You must tell us that it is a gift so that we can have the data of the person who is going to carry out the activity.
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