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Holidays in Cape Verde

Cape Verde tourism
The tourism in Cape Verde will surprise you with its beaches, volcanoes, crystal-clear waters, rainforests and desert valleys.
  • Where is Cape Verde?

    Cape Verde is a country that is located in West Africa off the coast of Senegal. This country is made up of ten islands and what better way to visit them aboard a sailboat.
  • What to see in Cape Verde?

    The best islands to visit in Cape Verde are:

    - Santiago, is one of the largest island in the Cape Verde archipelago. It is the most populous island and the most characteristic of Cape Verde brings together for its landscapes and its people.

    - Boa Vista, An island of Cape Verde that stands out for its beautiful beaches, which brings together a unique fauna in the world. Where you can see the loggerhead turtles or with humpback whales. From the boat you can see the sand dunes of bronze and red.

    - Isla de la Sal, this small island is the most dedicated to tourism, its name is due to the fine white sand. Although without doubt the best is the sea, that range of turquoise blue colors are beautiful.

    -San Vicente, from the boat you can see its mountainous relief. This island you can see that it is an island where culture and festivity predominate.

    -Brava, is the smallest island in Cape Verde. This island is also mountainous. This island is synonymous with peace and harmony.

    -Santa Lucia, an island where you can observe diversity of fauna
  • How to go to Cape Verde?

    The best way to travel to Cape Verde is by boat. It is a perfect way to get to know the “island of happiness” and get carried away by the paradisiacal beaches, picturesque towns and an exuberant nature. Welcome to Cape Verde!
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