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Route Iacobus Maris

Participate in the Iacobus Maris Route aboard classic tall ships
The Iacobus Maris Route is a maritime navigation divided into 5 different stages that you can do aboard large classic sailboats. Select the boat that most seduces you, check the voyages it is going to make and reserve your place in Sailwiz.
Official video of the event .
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  • Route Iacobus Maris in the Atyla
  • Iacobus Maris route in the Cervantes Saavedra
  • Iacobus Maris route in Vera Cruz
  • Iacobus route on the VO70 E-1
Frequent questions
  • What is the Iacobus Maris Route?
    It is a great journey on classic sailboats, inspired by the Jacobean tradition and which aims to replicate the nautical route that the Apostle Santiago followed in his day.
  • When is the Iacobus Maris Route celebrated?
    It will begin on June 2 in Genoa and will end on July 24 in Vigo.
  • What are the stages of the Iacobus Maris Route?
    It consists of four stages: Genoa-Valencia, Valencia-Seville, Seville-Oporto and Porto-Vigo.
  • What activities can be done on the Iacobus Maris Route?
    In addition to sailing aboard a large sailboat, you can attend shows, concerts and other leisure-cultural activities both in the city of origin and in the destination city.
  • Who participates in the Iacobus Maris Route?
    They will be large vintage sailboats that will participate in the route. Schooners, pailebots, caravels... Classic ships that recall the times of yesteryear.
  • How can I sign up for the Iacobus Maris Route?
    Select the ship, check the stages it will complete, and book your place to launch yourself into the adventure. The Sailwiz team is at your disposal for any questions.
  • What do I need to participate in the Iacobus Maris Route?
    Once you have made your registration through Sailwiz, when you go to make the trip remember to take with you your personal identification document (DNI / NIE / Passport) in force, in addition to your health card.
  • Will I receive something for participating in the Iacobus Maris Route?
    In addition to enjoying the navigation itself and the parallel activities that will be organized during the event, for your participation in the Iacobus Maris Route you will receive a commemorative polo shirt and cap as a gift.
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