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Tabarca Island by boat

Tabarca by boat, meet the jewel of Alicante
Tabarca Island by boat, best excursions and adventures. Enjoy this watery wonderland and discover everything it has to offer.
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  • Tabarca by boat

    Tabarca Island is located in the community of Valencia, just opposite the city of Alicante. It is the largest and the only inhabited island in the community. It is located at a distance of 11 nautical miles from the city of Alicante and has a length of about 2 km and a width of 400 meters. The main island is surrounded by three small islets called La Galera, La Cantera and La Nao.
  • How do I get to Tabarca Island?

    The easiest way to access it is by boat. Cruises usually depart from Santa Pola. Sailwiz has several options to visit all the charms of Tabarca Island at any time of year.
  • What is there to see in Tabarca?

    Tabarca water is clear and very deep, which has allowed the growth of beautiful vegetation. In this nature reserve you can find a varied flora, fauna and seabed, so it is very highly regarded by diving enthusiasts.

    Tabarca has the first marine reserve in Spain, created in 1986. It consists of small coves, rocky areas and a main beach about 200 meters long.

    From the sea you can see the wall that covers almost the entire island. This wall includes three main gates: San Rafael, San Gabriel and San Miguel. There is also a lighthouse located at one end of the island.

    Tabarca Island has fantastic sunsets in the southern part of the island. Overlooking the horizon at sunset, you can see orange or violet hues.
  • What is the history of Tabarca?
    For centuries it was a haven for pirates. The island was fortified in the eighteenth century by order of Carlos III, in order to end the invasions, and it was repopulated. Its walls have been declared a cultural interest.
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