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The best plans and deals of Tours A Vela

Tours A Vela | Plans to sail the Atlantic and Mediterranean
5 reviews
The best plans and deals of Tours A Vela
Sailwiz brings you the best deals of Tours A Vela to sail in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic where you can enjoy sailing, relaxing and discovering new horizons aboard a sailboat.
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User reviews about The best plans and deals of Tours A Vela
Average grade
Very kind at all times answering each and every one of my questions. Thanks a lot!
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Marta August of 2020
Super cool and recommended experience !! Without a doubt, we will repeat! Good organization and kindness of the organizing staff.
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Miguel Angel August of 2021
Good Morning,
I am not usually very given to give my opinion on the internet except on rare occasions and this is one of them.
The first thing to say is that when I booked the trip for my son and for me, fortunately there were no such negative comments.
And I say fortunately because having read those comments I would not have hired and I would have missed a week of a great vacation.
I read the comments two days before leaving and it scared me a lot, but since I was already paid I decided to go.
It has been a great experience with good travel companions and wonderful hosts.
We have been able to sail, seen dolphins, plankton at night, the stars as I have never seen them before, incredible coves that enjoy a totally different perspective, snorkeling wherever we docked, we have learned a lot about navigation and boats in summary good experiences.
I have missed sailing more because it is very pleasant, but the wind is what touches you.
Regarding the organizers, Fernando is a bag of knowledge always ready to explain what you ask him, in addition to being very cautious.
Montse is a charming person always attentive to the comforts of others.
With Marc, the contact has been limited to the exchange of whatsaps and some phone calls, all correct but since I do not know him personally, I can not comment more.
I suppose that on an adventure trip like this you have to be lucky and we have had it, the people who have made such negative comments did not have it and their perspective is totally different.
Without any doubt I recommend it and of course I will repeat.
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