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Flotilla holiday through Ancient Greece for a week

Port of departure: Alimos, Grecia
736€ Per personFull boat
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Per person
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The coordinator: Dominik
7 reviews

This ancient route will take us along the Saronic Islands, where we will sail through mountainous islands, turquoise coves and hopefully spot some dolphins! We will discover ancient Greek temples, wild bays where we can anchor during the night and dive early in the morning. We will fill the afternoons by walking through small towns and villages where we dine freshly caught seafood, with our tables in the cobbled streets that already contemplate thousands of years of history.

As our journey begins and ends in Athens, there is the possibility of further expanding this sailing holiday in the Saronic Islands by visiting the birthplace of many famous philosophers and thinkers.

Note: we are faithful to the true spirit of navigation, therefore, we plan to scale up the wind and climate. Our trips are not a planned itinerary that is always the same. This means that the exact order of the scales may be different from the one presented below, but definitely just as interesting! In our opinion, this fact only makes these vacations more pleasant!

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The boarding takes place the first day at 16:00 hours at the Kalamaki Marina in Alimos. The last day the disembarkation takes place at 9:00 in the same port.

During this week you can also learn to navigate. We developed the didactic program of the Royal Yachting Association: RYA Competent Crew. A totally practical training!

We begin our sailing adventure near the cradle of philosophy and democracy. Arrival is easy as our marina, Marina Alimos in Kalamaki, is only 45 minutes from the airport and can be reached by taking a single bus. The marina is a bit far from the city, so if you want to take some time to discover this great multifaceted city, it is recommended that you arrive one or two days before.

We plan to supply the yacht, meet with the crew and leave the marina as soon as possible to navigate the same day of check-in.

On the side of the docks of the island of Aegina, we will stop at a small bay. From there, it takes about 30 minutes to climb the hill to the Temple of Aphaea, which for 2,500 years has saved the views of the island. It's like traveling back to the time of ancient Greece. On the way, we will stop to eat at a local restaurant and enjoy the shade. That night we will spend relaxing, entering the navigation mode and getting to know each other.

Extremely beautiful to see from the sea, and even more surprising as you walk through its narrow and winding streets to the hill on which it is built. After mooring our yacht on the seafront, we passed through a maze of beautiful old houses stacked on top of each other to reach the top of the hill just in time for the sunset. On the way back down we find a cozy restaurant and after a wonderful meal we will enjoy the nightlife along the promenade. Our yachts are never too far ...

Hydra is pure magic. The tiny port offers shelter, but not for many ships, so we'll arrive early. And that will give us time to really enjoy. We spent the afternoon walking through the streets, enjoying good food with stunning views from a "Sunset Bar" and one of the best sunsets in all of Greece.

It is definitely one of the highlights of the trip! This will be one of your favorite memories of sailing in Greece. A curious fact is that due to the prohibition of vehicles with wheels, all transport is done with donkeys!

When anchoring in Palaia Epidavros, a small town, we won not only a beautiful mooring place, but also an access to an ancient amphitheater. It was built in the 4th century BC. and it is located in the heart of the forest. This amphitheater is part of a much larger sanctuary and has incredible acoustics. Words whispered from the clay court are heard between the 54 seat levels.

The pure blue water welcomes us as we approach the island of Agistri. It is a fairly small island but very green. There are only three small settlements, but our goal is to find a wild bay and sail together on the yachts. As there is not much light pollution, we slept under a blanket of stars and a clearly visible Milky Way. It's time to relax, cook and share meals, enjoy music, do night snorkeling and simply enjoy nature.

We put an end to this wonderful journey by navigating to where we started this route, Marina Kalamaki. The last day we disembark at 9:00 in the morning to be able to return to our homes.

Every day our goal is to stop at the bays for a quick lunch and a little snorkeling. We launch the anchor and enjoy the beauty of nature that surrounds us. We eat what we cook on board, swim in clear water, sunbathe and relax. And if you wish, you can climb the mast to get a very cool photo! Then, another browsing session awaits you!
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Included in the price
  • Insurance
  • Professional skipper
  • Bed linens
Not included in the price
  • Costs of mooring and anchoring
  • Meals on board
  • Food and drink on land
  • Airport transfer
  • Gas
  • Flights
Additional information
The boat for meals and fuel will be common and will range in about € 130 person and week.

The cabins are always shared (each cabin has a capacity for 2 people).

The main language of the employers is English. Other crew members may speak other languages, including Spanish, but it must be taken into account when communicating between the crew.

Variations may exist regarding the capacity of the ship.
In addition, the model of the boat may change depending on the number of people pointed to the crossing. The yachts we sail are always young, 5 to 10 years old (produced after 2008) and of good quality brands: Bavaria, Benetau, Sun Odyssey, Hanse, ..., therefore, classified as 'comfort class' . We are always choosing yachts for the best quality / price ratio, therefore, we choose lengths of 40-50 feet.
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Alimos, Grecia
Coast of Greece
Meet Dominik, the coordinator
7 reviews
Engineer and Project Manager become manager of my passion. I have organized sailing adventures on the most fantastic coasts of Europe for more than three years. I gather people from all over the world to live unique experiences on board a sailboat. Please, write to me in English
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7 users have valued the coordinator
  • ---
    October 2018
    I usually fly solo when traveling, and it never occurred to me to sign up for a package tour. But I took a gamble here and they exceeded my expectations. They have somehow figured out how to get adults to buy into a sincere spirit of group adventure and camaraderie without it ever feeling forced. And obviously, the locations are beautiful, the other people are engaging, the sailing is fun (you'll grow in confidence throughout the week), and it's clear that the Dominick and his team really care about the experience they are creating. You can easily do this trip alone, with friends, or with your significant other. I'm sure I'll sail with them again.
  • ---
    August 2018
    Stop thinking about sailing with them... and just book it. You’ll love it!
    Your fellow crew members are a wonderful bunch – and we had the most laid-back skipper ever to roam the Med. The scenery is amazing and varied: you’ll moor-up in a port one night amongst super-yachts then drop anchor the following night in a nearly-deserted bay. You’ll learn so much if you’ve never sailed before, but it’s all really relaxed.
    I’m so glad I took the plunge – you will be too.
    Maybe see you out there one day soon...
  • Ruta en flotilla por las islas de Croacia
    August 2018
    Badly organized trip, old boat not prepared with equipment for the entire crew and unprofessional skipper (untrustworthy, drinking durin the sailing, etc.).
    It could have been an excellent week, it's a pity.
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