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Santiago pilgrimage by boat

Do the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage on a sailboat
Experience the Santiago pilgrimage from the sea aboard a sailboat. As a pilgrim on the high seas, you can navigate through the Bay of Biscay in a different way, traveling the stages of the Camino until you reach the mythical Santiago de Compostela.
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Santander, Cantabria
From 15 Apr to 23 Apr (2022)
15 Apr
9 days
2 More information Reserve for 800€
Santander, Cantabria
From 7 May to 15 May (2022)
7 May
9 days
6 More information Reserve for 800€
Santander, Cantabria
From 21 May to 29 May (2022)
21 May
9 days
6 More information Reserve for 800€
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  • Did you know that the Camino de Santiago by boat is consolidated as a pilgrim route?

    A new Jacobean itinerary “Sail the way” has been created through several Cantabrian marinas, all of them members of the North Marinas association, given that it has the approval of the Archbishop of Santiago. The reason is to emulate the trip of the Saint, whose remains, according to tradition, arrived from Palestine sailing to Iria Flavia.
  • Have you ever wondered which is the most original way of Santiago?

    The idea of doing the Camino de Santiago under sail awakens the adventurous spirit of young and old crew members. If you like to sail and want to do the Camino de Santiago this is the perfect possibility for you.
  • How to make the Camino de Santiago along the Coast?

    The stages of this tour from East to West organized by the Northmarinas network are Hondarribia - Bermeo - Santander - Gijón - Viveiro - Cedeira and A Coruña. The last stage, between Monte do Gozo and Santiago de Compostela, is done on foot to walk as a good pilgrim. To obtain the Compostela, official diploma issued by the Cathedral of Santiago that certifies the completion of the pilgrimage, it is necessary to complete at least 100 nautical miles and make a minimum of 10 kilometers on foot.

    For those lovers of the sea and sailing, it is very good news as it can open the possibilities of making the road by boat, being able to feel the pleasure of sailing with a wonderful tour full of points of interest.

    What do you think about this possibility of doing the Camino de Santiago Santiago by boat?
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