Weekend away

Various destinations for your weekend holiday
Are you looking for weekend away? We propose different destinations for your getaway on the water. Disconnect from your daily life and give yourself a breather by boarding a sailboat for a weekend away. Explore the shores of charming villages and islands and enjoy the peace of living on the water.
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Weekend trips

Will you sign up to escape this weekend for a weekend getaway? Climb aboard a sailboat and be amazed. Forget about booking hotels, dragging suitcases or planning places to visit. You just need to prepare a backpack to bring on your weekend trip.

The weekends are to have fun, meet new people, rest and more. It's easy to find cheap getaways when it comes to our plans for sharing sailboats since, in these experiences, accommodation is usually included on board and meals are usually done through a pool, so costs are greatly reduced.

What weekend plans interest you?

Sailwiz offers different weekend travel options. If you need help choosing the destination or the place you want to go isn't shown, contact us. The available plans may have a variable duration:

- Two days: you can spend all weekend on board a sailboat, sailing, resting and making visits to the shore.

- One day: several hours sailing excursion in different places.

- Eye-opening sail: experience to learn the basics of sailing.

- Dive: getaways for diving in the most emblematic underwater places.

Where can I go for the weekend?

If you need ideas for weekend destinations, here are some that may help:

- Tabarca Island: a small island of Valencia near to Alicante. Come and enjoy crystal clear waters.

- Balearic Islands: Balearic Islands will always be on our list given their temperature and beautiful landscapes.

- Cabo de Gata: Natural Park Cabo de Gata, one of the most untouched areas of the Spanish Mediterranean.

- Sitges: characterized by having a warm "micro-climate," given its geographic position on the Mediterranean coast.

If you cannot find the perfect weekend getaway for you, ask us and we can help!
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