Charter a boat

Sailboat charter for your next holiday
Planning a getaway with friends or family? Charter a boat so you can experience life on board and freely visit any nearby village or island you choose! You have the option to charter with a skipper to help or you can govern the boat yourself. Choose your ideal chartering holiday.
  • Where can I charter a boat?

    If you are looking for a boat charter for your vacation or for occasional sailing outings, you can count on Sailwiz to find the option that best suits your needs. We have boats in different destinations and of different types: sailboats, catamarans, motorboats and launches.

    We help you find the boat you need easily and safely for an outing for the day, several days or weeks. You can book the boat with or without skipper.
  • How do I charter a boat?

    In the case of a charter without a skipper, it is essential that the person who will act as skipper is in possession of the lawful title for the length of boat you wish to rent. In the case of a sailboat or catamaran, it is also necessary to hold the corresponding sailing title.

    On Sailwiz we facilitate the process of chartering boats. You simply have to follow these steps:

    1- Look at the offers we have. If you need help you can contact us and we will personally advise you or seek other options if you have not found the perfect boat for you.

    2- Once we have the boat you were looking for, we perform the necessary procedures to formalize the booking. The whole process can be online, without the need for you to move, to pay or sign.
  • How much does it cost to charter a boat?

    The prices of charters vary greatly depending on:

    - The type of boat: meters, antiquity and features. as a rule, the catamarans are more expensive than the monohull sailboats.

    - The time of year: in summer the price of boat rentals soars, it can be double or even triple the price of the low season.
  • Can I charter a boat without a license?
    The answer is yes, when the vessel is a maximum of 5 meters long. They are motorboats for sailing short distances and will a smaller number of seats. A charter of this type is usually for a few hours.

    You can choose from different options for boat charters:

    - Skippered charters

    - Bareboat charter

    - Catamaran charter
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