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Course offered by Olga

2 days
Available in French, English
We will carry out 16 hours of motor navigation practices to obtain the PER. We will do it for a full weekend and we will review everything necessary to obtain this navigation title.

Remember that to obtain the PER you also need to pass a theoretical exam and complete a Short Range Radio Operator course.
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  • Plan
    It takes 2 days and is divided into 8 hours each.

    The practices will begin at 10:00 in the morning until approximately 18:00 from the Marina Marina, Camargo. A minimum number of places is not required for the activity to take place.

    PER Boating Internship Program

    Section 1. Safety and checks before going to sea. Safety material. Stowage and maintenance of safety equipment. Use of the life jacket and recognition of its elements.

    Section 2. Fire Fighting and Defeat Planning. Planning for defeat. Weather forecast and state of the sea. Checking the prevailing wind and its intensity. State of the sea and the possibility of breakers. Tides: consultation of the tables and quick determination of the height by the twelfth rule. Checking the chart of the area to be navigated, shallow water areas and hazards for navigation.

    Section 3. Motors and electrical installation.
    Engines. Checking the opening of the sea intakes. Cooling pump. Control of possible losses of water, oil or fuel. Oil level. Heaters Cooler. Coolant level for engines with closed circuit. The incrustations in the seawater circuit. Fuel level, presence of water and impurities in the tank. Fuel filter and decanter. Bleeding the fuel circuit in case of air in it. Consumption and engine speed. Calculation of the navigable distance depending on the fuel, the regime and the state of the sea. Importance of reserve fuel. Outboard motors: peculiarities and precautions in their handling.

    Section 4. Maintenance of the vessel, prevention of pollution and lines. Boat maintenance and pollution prevention. Boat materials: GRP, iron, aluminum and wood.

    Section 5. Maneuvers.
    Maneuvers in dock. Precautions before leaving the mooring: other boats, obstacles or lines in the water. Undocking maneuver depending on wind and current. Effects of propeller rotation on the maneuver.

    Section 6. Anchoring, surveillance and control of the defeat.
    Anchoring Precautions with swimmers and divers: Upon approaching and leaving the anchorage, when starting the engine while at anchor. Surveillance and control of defeat. Identification of marks and beacons.

    Section 7. Navigation.
    Heading and defeat. Compass reading. Navigation to a given heading. Opposite course. Use of the probe and the slide. Government of the boat depending on the state of the sea and the wind, influence of these in the defeat. Needle and true heading.

    Section 8. Security maneuvers.
    Man overboard maneuver. Identification of the different risks of falling into the sea. Procedure in case of man overboard. Throwing an object pretending to be the man overboard and a retrieval exercise in which the importance of visual control is taken into account

    Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
    Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
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Sail with us on a spectacular sailboat through the bay of Santander
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REGATA OUTINGS: We take you on a regatta. Either in competition or as a spectator.
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5 · 18 reviews

  • avatar
    August of 2023
    The course was appropriate with good theoretical information and navigation around the bay.
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  • avatar
    July of 2023
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  • avatar
    July of 2023
    Everything perfectly, very fast and agile.
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  • avatar
    May of 2023
    Very good experience I recommend it 100%
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  • avatar
    April of 2023
    The quality of the day and the course was incredible. I thought about it a lot because of the contact app, but you can constantly have a conversation with the skipper.
    Well, when the time comes, it does not disappoint. You meet some kind people, and professionals who transmit everything to you. Making you spend an incredible day and day
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  • avatar
    July of 2022
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    250 € /person
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