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Course offered by Juan

4 days
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Face-to-face and approved course on Survival Craft and Non-Fast Rescue Boats. It is taught in Can Pastilla (Mallorca).
What is the course for?
It serves to obtain a Certificate of Maritime Specialty granted by the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine (DGMM) and endorsed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) belonging to the United Nations.
Said Certificate of Survival Craft and non-fast Rescue Boats is based on a teaching system common to most countries, called the Training Code Convention, established in an assembly and called STCW 95. In said Convention, the bases for impart regulations with an identical training system to all nations and to the schools that impart said teachings.
It is a mandatory certificate to obtain the Professional Pattern of Recreational Boats (PPER).
In addition, possession of the Certificate will be required from the following personnel:
- To the Captains and Deck and Engine Officers of passenger ships.
- To the Captains and Deck and Engine Officers of merchant ships with a gross tonnage greater than 75 GT.
- To the Captains and Deck Officers and Engines of fishing vessels greater than 20 meters in length.
- To the Sailors, Deck and Engine, of merchant ships that have assigned functions in the management of survival craft and rescue boats in the ships mentioned in the previous subsections.
This course and its certificate are taught and obtained in our School approved by the DGMM (General Directorate of the Merchant Marine).
The duration of said course will not be less than 24 hours, of which, at least, will consist of 12 hours of theoretical content and 12 hours of practical content.
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  • Plan
    Complete course program

    THEORY 12 hours:

    1.1. Take charge of a survival craft or rescue boat during and after launching.
    Construction and equipment of survival craft and rescue boats.
    Team components.
    Specific characteristics and facilities of survival craft and rescue boats.
    Different types of devices used for launching survival craft and rescue boats.
    Actions to be taken after leaving the ship.
    Methods of launching survival craft in rough seas.
    Survival craft recovery methods.

    1.2. Drive the engine of a survival craft.
    Survival craft engine starting and operating methods.
    Management of its different accessories and the fire extinguisher.

    1.3. Organize the survivors and the survival craft after abandoning the ship.
    Handle survival craft in adverse weather conditions.
    Use of the painter, the floating anchor and the rest of the equipment.
    Rationing of water and food in survival craft.
    Helicopter rescue methods.
    Prevention and effects of hypothermia.
    Use of survival suits and thermal aids.
    Pass by breakers and washed up on the beach.
    Use of motorized boats to assemble and organize life rafts and rescue people in the water.

    1.4. Use location devices: communication equipment, signaling and pyrotechnic signals.
    Radioelectric rescue devices on board survival craft.
    Use of RLS beacons by satellite and RESAR.
    Pyrotechnic distress signals.
    Measures taken to maximize the chances of detection and location.

    PRACTICES 12 hours:

    Equipment of boats and life rafts. Hydrostatic skids.
    Procedures for launching lifeboats and rafts and move away from the ship quickly, to a safe area.
    Interpret the markings that indicate the number of people the survival craft can carry.
    Safe recovery of survival craft.
    Start-up and engine management of lifeboats and rescue boats.
    Steer a survival craft with the help of the compass.
    Use the equipment of lifeboats and rafts.
    Use of survival suits and thermal aids.
    Towing a life raft with the survival boat in various prevailing weather conditions.
    Recovery of people in the water.
    Use the portable radio equipment of survival craft.
    Use signaling equipment, including pyrotechnic signals.
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Other information
Course access conditions:
- Be a Spanish citizen or have the nationality of a country of the European Community or a nation established by the United Nations.
- Be of legal age, 18 years old or 16 with parental permission.

Post-course conditions
- Possess the Basic Training certificate.
- Submit documentation to the Administration to request the issuance of the Certificate of Survival Vessels and non-fast Rescue Boats:
1) Complete a form on an application form for Specialty Certificates.
2) A photocopy of the DNI, valid passport or NIE.
3) Certified photocopy of the diploma of the course "Survival Vessels and non-fast Rescue Boats", regulated in the Order of September 4, 2002, and issued by a Center approved by the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine.
4) Make the payment of the corresponding fees.
- Note the possession of the Certificate in the 'Maritime Book' issued by the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine.

. The completion of the course is subject to the formation of a minimum group of students.

Thursday 04/21: from 3:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Friday 04/22: from 3:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Saturday 04/23: from 09:00 to 16:15.
Sunday 04/24: from 09:00 to 16:00.
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5 · 2 reviews

  • Screenshot_20220719_225032
    November of 2022
    Nuestro instructor onofre fue un 10 , la actualización fue muy agradable y sencilla muy buenos compañeros
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  • avatar
    January of 2022
    Ha sido un curso muy bueno en cuanto aprendizaje y los monitores son muy buenos explicando y practicando,la verdad que se ha hecho muy ameno,gracias
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