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Course offered by Juan

7 weeks
Available in Spanish
Very popular activity. Places usually run out 65 days before leaving
Port Skipper face-to-face course in Can Pastilla (Palma de Mallorca).
What is the course for?
It serves to obtain a professional maritime title granted by the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine (DGMM) and endorsed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) belonging to the United Nations.
The professional title of Port Skipper is based on a teaching system common to most countries, called the Training Code or Agreement, established in an assembly and called STCW 95. In said Agreement, the bases were established to impart regulations with a of identical formation, to all the nations, and to the schools that impart said teachings.
It is a Professional Title consisting of a theoretical course and some navigation practices and ship machinery related to navigation charts, electronic navigation, voyage planning, meteorology, boarding regulations, as well as matters of marine engines and electricity, to finish with subjects such as maneuvers, naval technology, emergencies on board, safety and ecology, or maritime legislation.
Civil Ships and Merchant Ships: Serve as skipper on merchant ships with a gross tonnage not exceeding 100 GT that sail as long as they do not go more than three miles from a port or a refuge area and that, where appropriate, carry a maximum of 150 passengers. You will be able to simultaneously command the vessel and operate machinery as long as the characteristics of the vessel allow it and the propulsive power does not exceed 375 kW in a single engine or double the aforementioned propulsive power in two or more engines.
We can add that this nautical qualification, in part, replaces the old Interior Traffic Pattern, and that we can validate the new title by fulfilling certain conditions.
Fishing vessels: The holders of the professional title of port skipper of the merchant navy may act as skipper in fishing vessels, with a length of no more than 12 meters and that are no more than 3 miles from a port or refuge area, provided that they prove a shipment of at least 12 months as a sailor in the deck section of fishing vessels after obtaining the professional title of port skipper, and are registered in the Registry of Professionals of the Fishing Sector. You can simultaneously exercise command of the boat and engine service, as long as the characteristics of the boat allow it and the propulsive power does not exceed 100 kW.
In the case of auxiliary aquaculture vessels, port masters may exercise the powers conferred by their professional title with no other condition than being included in the Registry of Professionals in the Fishing Sector.
This course and its official certificate is taught and obtained in our School approved by the DGMM (General Directorate of the Merchant Marine).
Professional outings
The title of Port Master enables us to govern any type of professional vessel within the corresponding powers.
It is the qualification par excellence to be the Skipper of boats or catamarans for tourist cruises, innumerable along the Spanish coast.
In practice we can work on ships that are no more than 3 miles from a port or shelter, to list some examples we can cite:
- Be a skipper of boats, semi-rigid boats and other beach boats, such as water skiing, parachutes, jet skis, etc ...
- Act as skipper for a diving center, transferring students to the dive site.
In addition, in other companies and institutions:
- Pleasure boat shipyards.
- Boat repair yards.
- Yacht Clubs and Marinas.
- National Parks and Natural Parks.
- Port or dock tugboats.
- Dredges.
- Municipal Police Boat in ports and beaches.
- Red Cross of the sea on beaches.
Likewise, in the fishing sector, it offers us the possibility of acting as Skipper of a fishing boat not exceeding 12 meters and without moving more than 3 miles from a refuge, it also allows us to be able to simultaneously govern the boat and manage its engines without having to hire a marine mechanic.
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  • Escuela homologada por la DGMM 1-5
  • Plan
    THEORY (110 hours):

    - Plan a journey, including consumption.
    - Dead reckoning.
    - Determine situations by coastlines.
    - Determine situations and routes by means of an electronic nautical aid system.
    - Interpretation of weather conditions through maps and instruments.
    - International Regulations to Prevent Collisions at Sea.
    - Interpretation of charts and nautical publications.
    - Protection and safety of passengers in emergency situations.
    - Standardized vocabulary in English.
    - Tightness and stability of the ship.
    - Measures to take in an emergency.
    - Principles of maneuver and government of the ship.
    - Prevention of pollution of the marine environment.
    - Legal responsibilities of the ship's master.
    - Operation of the main and auxiliary machines of the ship.
    - Engine maintenance, breakdown repair and maintenance plan.

    PRACTICES (40 hours):

    - Carry out steering exercises of a boat.
    - Carry out real exercises consisting of three position lines: delay, marking, heading.
    - Perform steering maneuvers in accordance with the International Collision Prevention Regulations.
    - Simulate emergency situations: collision, stranded, leak, man overboard, rescue or abandonment.
    - Simulate English language communication.
    - Carry out fault repair tests, simulated in the engines, steering system, electrical system.
    - Carry out basic equipment review tests before going to sea: propellant, safety material, batteries.
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Other information
The completion of the course is subject to the formation of a minimum group of students.

Course access conditions:
- Be a Spanish citizen or have the nationality of any country of the European Community to command ships with a Spanish flag.
- Be older than 20 years.
- Have the Basic Safety Training Certificate.
- Be in adequate physical condition to pass a medical examination carried out by the Social Institute of the Navy ISM.

Post-course conditions
- Pass the course, and the practical tests, in a Center authorized by the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine.
- Have completed a boarding period of not less than 12 months*, having to prove at least six months in the bridge service and six months in the engine service.
Days at sea or embarkation may be carried out on ships from any list, including those on the 6th or 7th list with a seaman's contract, and being registered with Social Security.
A part of these boarding days, likewise, can be carried out on a School Ship or on a merchant ship as a student crew member.
*Important: these days at sea must be on Spanish civilian ships with a gross tonnage greater than 5 GT/GRT and power greater than 100 KW.
'Note': In small-sized vessels in which there is no difference between deck and engine departments, and their minimum security crew does not include deck sailors and engine sailors, compliance with the period of Boarding in both sections. In these cases, they will be accredited through a certification from the Skipper of the boat, in which this simultaneity of functions of the corresponding crew member on the boat in question is indicated. In addition, the certification must contain the approval of the corresponding Maritime Captaincy of dispatch of the vessel.
- Likewise, in order to practice as a professional skipper, it is mandatory to obtain the Basic Training certificate and request the Maritime Book.
- Submit documentation to the Administration to request the issuance of the Basic Training Certificate:
1) Complete a form on an application form for Professional Degrees.
2) A photocopy of the DNI, valid passport or NIE.
3) Two passport size photographs.
4) Certified photocopy of the examination certificate for the “Port Pattern” course, issued by a Center approved by the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine.
5) Accredit the required professional practice consisting of 12 months of sea shipment.
6) Make the payment of the corresponding fees.
7) Certificate of the medical examination of maritime boarding carried out by the Social Institute of the Navy (ISM) belonging to the Social Security.
- Having previously obtained the 'Maritime Book' issued by the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine and requested at the Maritime Captaincy affects the interested party.
'Note': The Maritime Book (old maritime registration book) is an official document that has a double function, on the one hand it is the seafarer's identity document, accepted internationally, and on the other, it maintains a record of embarkations and disembarks of its possessor. It has the form of a passport and it lists all the details obtained by its holder. To obtain it, the interested party must have a professional nautical title or a maritime specialty certificate.
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5 · 2 reviews

  • Screenshot_20220719_225032
    November of 2022
    Our instructor Onofre was a 10, the update was very nice and simple, very good colleagues
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  • avatar
    January of 2022
    It has been a very good course in terms of learning and the monitors are very good at explaining and practicing, the truth is that it has been very enjoyable, thank you
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