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The Columbretes Islands are an archipelago of volcanic islands full of marine life, making it a true paradise for scuba divers. We have selected the best plans so you can visit the marine reserves of the Columbretes Islands and enjoy exploring the surface of the islands as well.
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How do I get to the Columbretes Islands?

The Columbretes Islands can be visited by boat from the coast of Valencia and Castellon. On Sailwiz we have trips of various durations and content so you can enjoy the archipelago. Options include sailing and living aboard a sailboat around this enclave for a few days, or doing diving trips where you also live on board, but the main purpose is to explore the seafloor of the islands.

What is there to see in the Columbretes Islands?

The Columbretes Islands are one of the enclaves with greatest ecological interest in the Mediterranean. They are located near the coast of Castellon and form an archipelago which is divided into four islands: La Grassa, la Ferrera, la Forada and el Carrallot.
The Columbretes have suffered great geological activity for years and you can see numerous craters and remnants of an extinct volcano.

Their great value lies in their rich flora and fauna and they were declared a Natural Park and Marine Reserve, which implies the need for special treatment when accessed.

The most typical plant of the archipelago is the Sosa Fina. We can also find oddities like Red Coral and Laminaria Redriguezi Seaweed.

The fauna of the Columbretes is particularly remarkable for seabirds like the Audouin Seagull and Crested Cormorant.
The original name of the islands is Ophiusa or Columbraría, which comes from the Greeks when the snakes inhabited them and then disappeared when the lighthouse was built.

When do I go to the Columbretes Islands?

The Columbretes Islands can be visited all year round with good weather, but the number of visitors increases in the spring and summer when the voyage is more enjoyable, snorkeling and diving can be done with more hours of daylight and the temperature of the water is more suitable for swimming.

Come on an excursion to the Columbretes and visit the marine reserve of the Columbretes Islands.
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