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Balearic + Sailing training internships from Barcelona

Port of departure: Barcelona, Spain
520€ Per personFull boat
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Coordinator: Miriam, 33 years old
2 reviews

If you want to sail and have the nautical qualification of PNB, PER, PY or CY, you can take the official Sailing Qualification practices and start to govern sailboats.

These internships last 16 hours and after completing them in Barcelona you obtain the official and approved certificate.

Unlike the Sailing practices of each title, these sailing qualification practices have a single program, so that it is enough to do them only once to be valid for all the nautical titles mentioned above.

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The practice has a total duration of 16 hours and is carried out in two days of 8 hours each.

During the practice, the following sections will be seen:
- Theory of sailing: 2 hours dedicated to the theoretical aspects of sailing, as well as some basic notions of fluid mechanics and the operation of sailing vessels. The directions of the boat will be explained according to the wind and the maneuvers of turning and jibe, and it will affect the planning of the route and interpretation of the meteorological forecasts.
- Rigging and sails: 2 hours dedicated to the knowledge of the elements of the boat related to sailing (rigging, sails, rigging and appendages).
- Sailing maneuver I: 2 hours dedicated to rigging and unpacking the boat and to the basic principles of sailing. The most common knots will be practiced here and it will be explained how sails are bent and cared for. How to raise and lower the sails and the precautions to follow will be explained.
- Sailing maneuver II: 2 hours dedicated to the knowledge of how the sail balance influences the movement of the boat and how it reacts to the setting of the rudder on one side or another and the reduction in speed that is involved. The adjustment of the sails will be made according to the heading of the boat, with explanation and use of all the lines for tuning and control of the sails. It will be shown how to take the waves depending on the heading and the influence of these on the boat's progress .
- Sail maneuver III: 2 hours dedicated to carrying out the tack and jibe maneuvers.
- Advanced sailing maneuver: 2 hours dedicated to advanced sailing maneuvers, such as facing and stopping the boat and anchoring and leaving the anchorage under sail.
- Safety maneuvers: 2 hours dedicated to safety maneuvers, especially the collection of man overboard sailing. The risks of a man overboard sailing with a spinnaker and how to place the flag will be explained. We will also proceed to curl the mainsail and reduce the headsail.
- Safety in sailing: 2 hours dedicated to explaining the common risks of sailing.
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Meet Miriam, the coordinator
33 years old · From Barcelona, España
2 reviews
Navigating I realized that happiness is in the simplest things.
We are a young nautical project that decided to start a new life dedicating ourselves to what we were most passionate about: THE SEA and Sailing
Our passion is the sea and water sports such as Paddle Surf or Surf.
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2 users have valued the coordinator
  • Curso de Licencia de Navegación en Barcelona
    June 2021
    Super good treatment, explanation and practices. Highly recommended.
  • Curso de Licencia de Navegación en Barcelona
    June 2021
    It has been incredible, monitor speaks clear and nice. Clear ideas, very clear explanations, you practice them with great confidence
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