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Nautical practices

Navigation practices for nautical titles
Perform your nautical practices in the best nautical schools. Choose your practice and reserve your place. Soon you can steer a boat yourself, find out about which license is the one that best suits your needs and enjoy sailing.
  • Where can you do nautical practices?

    All official nautical qualifications require mandatory nautical practices to ensure basic navigation and safety knowledge. These practices must be certified by schools approved by the corresponding administrations.

    The realization of the practices of nautical qualifications can occur before or after passing the theoretical exam, and they have a validity of 24 months to issue the title. In Sailwiz we put you in touch with nautical schools that can provide you with the official certification for your degree.

    On the web you can find nautical practices for all degrees. In the following list you can access the specific practice pages of each title:

    - Basic Navigation Pattern
    - Recreational Craft Pattern
    - Yacht pattern
    - Yacht Captain
    - Extension of powers of PER
    - Enabling sailing

    You can also see the theoretical-practical course of Navigation License .
  • Where are navigation practices done?

    In almost all recreational nautical qualifications practices must be carried out at sea, or at least in places with tides. This is the case of the title of PER, Yacht Skipper and Yacht Captain.

    In the case of the GNP title and the Navigation License, the practices, in addition to the sea, can also be carried out in river waters, lakes and swamps.

    In Sailwiz we offer you a large catalog of locations so you can do the nautical practices on the dates and times that adapt to your needs.
  • How much do navigation practices cost?

    The cost of nautical practices may vary depending on the location of the school that teaches them and the time of year. On many occasions it is possible to obtain discounts for groups, so we encourage you to ask if there are any options when booking your practice with Sailwiz.
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