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Nautical practices

Navigation practices for nautical titles
1660 reviews
Perform your nautical practices in the best nautical schools. Choose your practice and reserve your place. Soon you can steer a boat yourself, find out about which license is the one that best suits your needs and enjoy sailing.
Frequent questions
  • ⭐How much do nautical practices cost?
    The price of nautical practices varies depending on the school, the location where they are carried out, as well as the type of degree, since they increase as the rank rises. PNB internships can cost between €100-150 and PER between €160-240. As for Yacht Skipper navigation practices, the price goes up to €250-450 and Yacht Captain up to €550.
  • ⚡ Is there a discount to do nautical practices?
    Sometimes it is possible to get group discounts , but it depends on the time of booking and the schools. We encourage you to check if you can have any advantage when booking your internship with Sailwiz.
  • ⌚ How long do the navigation practices last?
    They last between 24-48 hours depending on whether they are the regulations or those of extension of attributions. If the complementary practices of the PER are done in a pack, you can do both the extension to the Balearic Islands and the sailing qualification in just one weekend.
  • ➡️ Do nautical practices expire?
    Yes. 10 years after completing your nautical qualification, navigation practices included, you must renew it, having to pay some fees and present a psychotechnical examination.
  • ✅ Is there a deadline to carry out navigation practices?
    Yes, since you pass the theoretical exam you will have 2 years to be able to present yourself to the nautical practices, after this time you would have to complete your degree again.
  • ✍ Are nautical practices compulsory?
    Yes , the regulatory nautical practices to obtain your title as a skipper are mandatory. However, the practices of empowerment and expansion of powers are totally voluntary.
User reviews about Nautical practices
Average grade
Carlos is a highly recommended skipper who shares his great experience of sailing, and gives you many tricks to be a better navigator. The ship is a true cruise that holds the sea very well. Very good experience,
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Extraordinary experience, of which they are not forgotten. The atmosphere of the group helped a lot. We fit in very well with each other and with Maria José, who showed a deep knowledge of the sea and transmitted her enormous love to us. I encourage other people to do this activity, they will not be disappointed.
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Diego February of 2020
On this occasion, it was Javier who led PER's motor practice over the weekend. We really enjoyed the whole experience, both the technical knowledge and your sailing experience. I would repeat without a doubt.
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Francisco Jesús December of 2021
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jordi September of 2023
Alejandro was a great host and you can tell that salt water runs through his veins!!! A great experience.
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The crossing was great. Very good experience. José María made us stand guard during the day and
Night, which was very good learning. We also practice various anchoring maneuvers, sail handling, knots, radio, etc. Everything very well organized, the boat very comfortable and spacious. We even ate delicious since José María also cooks well !! What more could you want? 100% recommendable.
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  • Where can you do nautical practices?

    All official nautical qualifications require mandatory nautical practices to ensure basic navigation and safety knowledge. These practices must be certified by schools approved by the corresponding administrations.

    The realization of the practices of nautical qualifications can occur before or after passing the theoretical exam, and they have a validity of 24 months to issue the title. In Sailwiz we put you in touch with nautical schools that can provide you with the official certification for your degree.

    On the web you can find nautical practices for all degrees. In the following list you can access the specific practice pages of each title:

    - Basic Navigation Pattern
    - Recreational Craft Pattern
    - Yacht pattern
    - Yacht Captain
    - Extension of powers of PER
    - Enabling sailing

    You can also see the theoretical-practical course of Navigation License .
  • Where do navigation practices take place?

    Generally, in all recreational nautical degrees, navigation practices must be carried out in the open sea , or at least in places with tides in order to simulate a real navigation situation. This is in the case of the titles of PER, Yachtsman and Yachtsman.

    In the specific case of the PNB title and the Navigation License, nautical practices, in addition to the sea, can also be carried out in river waters, lakes and swamps such as the San Juan Reservoir for those who want to get their license. in Madrid.

    At Sailwiz we offer you a variety of options where you can carry out your navigation practices from Valencia, Seville, Castellón, Málaga, Barcelona, Vigo, Huelva, Alicante, among many other locations. Choose the most convenient location for you, on the dates and times that best suit your needs.
  • When should nautical practices be done?

    The realization of the nautical practices for the recreational qualifications can be given before or after passing the theoretical exam , and they are valid for 24 months to issue the title.

    The most advisable thing is to do them once you have acquired all the basic knowledge and theoretical concepts so that you can apply them in real life and put what you have learned into practice with more meaning.
  • Complementary nautical practices
    Apart from the compulsory navigation practices that we have already mentioned, there is the possibility of carrying out complementary nautical practices that will enable you to increase your powers as a skipper. These are totally voluntary and optional to the degree itself.
    • Practices for expanding the PER: enable you to govern pleasure boats up to 24 meters in length. It also grants permission to navigate between the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands.
    • Sailing qualification practices: these serve both for PNB, PER, Skipper and Yachtsman. It is about regulatory sailing practices that grant the ability to handle any type of sailing vessel, so that you can govern not only motor boats but also sailboats.

    In addition, at Sailwiz you have the possibility of carrying out both complementary nautical practices in a single pack and at a lower price. Consult all our offer and choose the option that suits you best.
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