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Course offered by Luis

2 days
Available in Spanish
- In this intensive we group the most important subjects of our four sailing cruise government courses into two eight-hour sessions.
- In a weekend, in the San Juan Reservoir, a few kilometers from Madrid, you will be able to acquire knowledge that will be very useful in your pleasure sailing, since we will visit all the areas of sailing and we will practice the necessary movements and settings. to take a sailboat.
- Our instructors do not touch anything except in an emergency, they will rotate the crew through all the positions they occupy on board.
- We start the session at 1000 in the morning with a brief presentation of the fundamentals of sailing to then go out into the water where what we have learned will be put into practice.
- At half a day we will take a break to eat and discuss the afternoon session, which will be based on the maneuvers to be carried out on board, from tacking to stops, going through the reduction of rag.
- During the second day we will learn the concepts of optimization of the boat, how the sails are related to the government, and the settings to carry a coordinated course with trim.
- And all this carrying the rod and the sails from the first day.

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  • Plan
    - Ship architecture. The helmet. The firm rigging The motor. The candles. The maneuvering rigging.
    - Before leaving. Personal equipment. Route planning. Meteorology. We prepare the exit.
    - The course. Heading relative to north. Heading with respect to the wind.
    - The distribution of functions. Cane. Trimmers. Piano. Stick. Proel. Cane handling. Management of sheets and halyards. Weight distribution.
    - Motor port maneuvers. Departure from the mooring. The moorings and their types. Fixation. Release order depending on the wind. Bow and stern exit.
    - The berth. Bow mooring. Stern mooring. Side docking. Gas station operation. The turndown.
    - The mooring in buoy. Buoy output.
    -The balances on board. Need for balance. The balance of weights. Transversal and longitudinal balance. The sailing balance.
    - We started the march. The jib maneuver and the mainsail maneuver.
    - Bow tacking. Phases and assignment. Planning. Preparation. Execution.
    - Turned round. Phases and assignment Planning. Preparation. Execution. The risk of gybing.
    - The reduction of rag. Major reduction. Take curls. Bow reduction. The peeling.
    - The arrest of the ship. How to stop and how to get out. We anchor the ship. to the heave To the cape
    - Sailing port maneuvers. Entering the port under sail. Dock with wind parallel to the pier. Dock with a tailwind. Dock with wind coming from the pier.
    - Sailing buoy. Sailing buoy departure.
    - Wind. apparent wind and true wind. The sail force and its components. Advance and decline.
    - The placement of the sails. The angle of incidence.
    - Jib adjustment. The sheet The scoters. The lanitas. - - Adjustment procedure in different wind situations.
    - Adjustment of the main. Mainsheet. Barraescota or larger cart. Adjustment procedure.
    - Adjustment in downwinds. Boom position. The trap.
    - The government of the boat. The government and the sails. Steer tight. Govern in bearings. The luffed. The accidental gybe.
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Other information
Necessary equipment: light-soled shoes, hat, sunscreen and sunglasses, recommended clew gloves, around €15.
A certified course diploma will be given.
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Meet Luis, the coordinator
106 reviews At Sailwiz since 2018
Yacht captain and PPER with extensive experience in crossings and regattas. I enjoy sailing in almost any situation, relaxed on vacation or competitive of regattas. I do not care about the bad weather or sleep little or anywhere but I detest the problems of coexistence on board.
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Boat details

Day cruise based on the San Juan Reservoir. It is an ideal boat for teaching due to its capacity and nobility of reactions, and for regattas in protected waters since its design, derived from the j80, makes it a fast and ventolinero boat. It is equipped with a spinaker maneuver, which gives it a good disposition for regattas.
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  • Model: Decision - 7.5
  • Capacity: 8 spots
  • Length: 7.50 m
  • Cabins: 1
  • Year: 2005
  • Bathrooms: 0
  • Life jackets
  • Sounding line

Additional Information

  • Insurance
  • Professional skipper
  • Gas
Not included
  • Meals on board
  • Food and drink on land
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  • Credit/debit card
  • Wire transfer

5 · 106 reviews

  • Avatar
    June of 2023
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  • avatar
    June of 2023
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  • avatar
    May of 2023
    A Professional Pattern, Monitor, with full knowledge and teaching capacity. Totally recommended as a nautical professional, teacher and person.
    The route could not be completed until Columbretes due to the Meteo and with this, he even allowed himself to see his high level of good sense.
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  • foto-perfil
    May of 2023
    Out of 10. A highly recommended experience. Luis is a great patron. Tireless until the last day explaining all the details of the journey. The truth is that I have come back very happy.
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  • avatar
    May of 2023
    Excellent course to learn sailing, I leave with clear ideas.
    A perfect day of temperature and wind.
    Keko good instructor.
    Thank you.
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  • facebook_avatar
    April of 2023
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  • Start: 15 Jun. SaSu from 10:00 to 19:00
    3 places available
    165 €
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Response rate: 90%
Response time: Less than a day
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