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Skippered sailboat charters for all experience levels
Book a skippered charter for your next holiday with family and friends. Having a professional skipper on board will allow you to truly relax on your vacation, but if any of you are interested in learning, they would love a helping hand with the sailing tasks. Charter a boat for a unique holiday!
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Frequent questions
  • ⭐ ¿Debo contratar un patrón si alquilo un barco?
    Cuando alquiles un barco de recreo deberás disponer de la titulación náutica requerida para llevarlo. Si no dispones de un título deberás contratar un patrón profesional obligatoriamente para poder navegar legalmente.
  • ✅ ¿Cuándo se recomienda contratar un patrón profesional?
  • ➡️ ¿Pueden obligarme a contratar un patrón al alquiar un barco?
    Si no dispones de la titulación náutica adecuada, es seguro que te obligarán. Si aún teniéndola, el propietario del barco observa que tus conocimientos no son suficientes, podrían requerirte contratar un patrón para cerrar el contrato, pero esto no es habitual.
  • ⌚ ¿Tengo que contratar al patrón todo el tiempo que dura el alquiler?
    Una opción interesante a la hora de alquilar un barco, si es para varios dias, es contratar un patrón profesional para uno o dos dias, que nos enseñará la zona de navegación y el manejo del barco.
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If the current offer does not match your agenda, leave us your email and we will notify you of the next scheduled dates
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    If you do not have a license to govern a boat, we offer the option to charter a sailboat with a skipper. All skippers on our platform have professional qualifications and years of experience.
  • What are the advantages of chartering a boat with a skipper?

    The skipper knows the areas where they sail and, for that reason, can recommend routes and activities to do. In addition to thoroughly knowing the boat they sail.
    The skipper can help you at any time, answer all of your questions and make your experience unique.
  • If I charter a boat, is the skipper in charge?

    No, but sailing a boat requires someone with sailing experience in charge to make decisions in navigation and safety.
    Normally the skipper has a scheduled route, but if any of the crew members want to see other sites, they can make a plan together.
  • The skipper sleeps in a cabin, usually in the front of the boat. The skipper needs rest in order to remain responsible for the safety of the crew members and the boat.

    How many people can go on the boat?

    On the page of each boat, the maximum number of people is shown.

    Can I charter a boat for a day or weekend?

    Yes, there are charters for only a day or weekend. If you do not find something according to your preferences, you can contact us and we will help you.

    What is the best time to charter a boat?

    The vast majority charter a boat from July to September, so it is a time you may find crowds, especially in the Balearic Islands. In the remaining months we can also enjoy the good weather, plus the prices are much cheaper and there will be fewer people in the coves.

    What will be the routes and places we visit?

    Before going aboard it is recommended that the crew members and skipper study the route that will be followed during the vacation. But keep in mind that the itinerary may vary according to weather. The skipper will recommend places because they know those sailing areas.
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