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    "Planned trips in which you will not have to take care of anything" is the maxim that Itacadventure applies to its sailboat plans, now available to book through Sailwiz. His specialty is the one-week crossings through countries such as Italy, Greece, Croatia, Thailand or Cuba, but he also has a sailing holiday through the waters of the national territory.
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    - Sailboat trip through the Kornati Islands, Croatia. A week of boat navigation through incredible natural landscapes of the Croatian archipelago of Kornati, with all the comforts on board provided by a large sailboat, a professional skipper and a cook, and with all the guarantees to reserve your spot through Sailwiz.

    - Sailboat trip from Menorca to Mallorca. Sail between these two islands of the Balearic Islands from Mahón to Palma, visiting the best beaches and traveling aboard a sailboat in the Mediterranean on a pleasant holiday on the sea.

    - Sailboat trip to the Dalmatian Islands, Croatia. The islands of the southern half of the Balkan country offer a magnificent perspective when viewed onboard a sailboat, as is the case in this week-long sailing in which you can now reserve your place through Sailwiz.

    - Sailboat trip through Thailand for 9 days. If you fancy an exotic adventure, you can go to one of the most receiving countries of modern tourism such as Thailand to make a navigation plan along the southwest coast of the Asian country.

    - Cruise in Cuba by catamaran for 9 days. Join these sailing days in the Caribbean, visiting the beaches of the island and tasting the delicious local food, while enjoying a few days of rest on board the ship.

    - Sailboat trip through the Aeolian Islands. Take advantage of the offers to reserve your place in Sailwiz and discover this archipelago located north of the island of Sicily. It is a volcanic group of islands whose wild beauty can be seen even better from the sea.
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